Best Night Trekking Destinations In India For Your Perfect Journey

Ankita Chetana |Feb 25, 2020

If you are enthusiastic about trekking and want to discover the night sport, here are the best options of trekking destinations in India. Check out the list!

Traveling differs from one to another person that some like noisy places, some want to explore the unknown precious landscapes. Depending on the purposes of traveling such as finding a new cultural and traditional basis or experiencing an adventure, people will list out some suitable destinations for their journey. Here are the best night trekking destinations in India that you need to visit once.


Trekking Antharagange
You will never forget the feeling of achieving this place

People staying in Bangalore are acquainted with this place as it takes 2 hours to reach there. Rather than normal trekking, you can get the overall impeccable view of the night when expediting at night. Or more than that, you will enjoy the beautiful cave at Anthargange with the cherished memories.


Green color covers the adventure to Gorakhgad

If you are from Mumbai, one of the best night trekking destinations in India for you is Gorakhgad. This place is the two-hour distance from Mumbai that you comfortably walk for the first half of the journey. But be cautious with the second one when the stepper and rocky roads get your more adventurous. At the time achieving the top, you will feel it worthy to race your heartbeat with happiness and peace.

Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta
Kunti Betta and its breathtaking Tonnur lake

The hill station of Pandavapura is another ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts. A bit more tired to complete your journey as it takes over 3 hours to reach Kunti Betta. But the end of the trekking will satisfy you with the breathtaking scenery of sunrise after the bonfire. There is a lake over there named Tonnur where you can swim in and recall the memories.

Dhotrey Tonglu Top

Tonglu Darjeeling
Escapade to Tonglu - one of the most-visited night trekking destinations in India

Rip-roaring night trekking destinations in India cannot miss Tonglu in Darjeeling town. Whether at daytime or night, you can enjoy every bit of this off-beat adventure which won’t disappoint you for sure.

At the time of the upcoming summer, leave off your office seats and take to the best night trekking destinations in India. After that, you will feel the meaning of life more obvious and trapped in it.

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