Best Five Guides Of Beard Care For Men This Season. Men, Take Note!

Laavanya Hien |Apr 11, 2019

Is it too hot to keep a beard? Is it too itchy? Here’s an expert guide on how to keep your beard cool during summers.

If there is a question that makes beardsmen annoyed, it is when somebody asks them repeatedly, “How could you maintain your beard in summers?”. Despite the fact that keeping a beard throughout summertime might be difficult, it will still be done. We communicate with famous hair experts Jawed Habib and Rod Anker and Rajat Khandari - an experienced derma+tologist who let us know how to make a beard cool in the middle the summer heat.

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How to clean the beard

If you want to maintain a healthy beard, taking care of your beard by cleaning it two times per day. The dampness, hot temperature, and the sweat could hamper during the summer could cause your skin the become dry, badly odored, and irritated. Hence, you should utilize your beard wash which has a mixture of some natural oils in order to replenish and hydrate your skin. Nonetheless, remember to avoid washing your beard exceedingly because it may lead to dryness for your beard.

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How to moisturize your beard well

In summers, the beard hair is inclined to become coarse, thereby resulting in irritation. In this case, apply a moisturizer for beard exclusively to solve beard itching. A moisturizer which contains tea tree oil, chamomile, or aloe can be a good option.

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How to hydrate your beard

The summer heat can easily make your beard dehydrated. When the dehydration occurs, your beard will be brittle and dry. Therefore, to keep your beard healthy, adequate hydration becomes a need.

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How to soften your beard

It is not complicated to maintain your beard soft. Stick to a kind of beard conditioner or oil to soften and make your beard cool during this summertime.


How to trim your beard

There is no denying that when your beard is heavy, acne and itchy skin gets worse. Therefore, trimming your beard will make it easier to maintain in the summer.


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