Beauty Advice For Men: Grooming Tips For Indian Men To Have The Best Beard Ever

Kimmy Karima |Oct 08, 2019

Growing a good-looking beard is the desire of all Indian men. To have a beard which is attractive to women and enviable to other men, of course you should know these grooming tips.

While men have as many beauty questions as women do, surprisingly, there always seem to be a big number of tips for women only. It’s not easy for men to find the advice given specifically for them.

Like grooming tips for their beloved beard. This is actually very important because a man’s beard isn’t only the make or break for his appearance, but it may also decide if he’s attractive enough to the opposite sex.

Obviously your beard deserves some good care, doesn’t it? So, below are the great grooming tips for it, which can make your beard become enviable to other men too.

Keep your original and authentic

grooming tips
Only you know which beard style is for you.

When you see some celebrities with a beautiful beard, you’ll want to have the same style. While this is understandable, because sometimes we do follow famous stars’ outfit and hairstyles, this is not a smart choice regarding your facial hair. You know, how you should trim your beard depends on some factors, which are definitely your own, like face shape and features, or how your hair grows.

There are quite many types of face shapes, and each man may have his own idea about how his beard makes him feel comfortable. So don’t imitate it. Try to find the best beard style for your own, even if you have to learn through trial and error. It will be worth it anyway.

Buy a really good trimmer

grooming tips
An excellent trimmer is your good friend.

A trimmer is something you use frequently, and it affects the result, which is how your beard looks afterward. So if you care about yourself, buy a great one. You should choose a trusted brand (Philips, for example, is a good and affordable one), then think of other factors like how thick you want your beard to grow, or what type of trimmers you like (with or without wire, really light-weighted or not).

Don’t forget to check the price too, which should not be much higher than the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Choose a good oil for facial hair growth

grooming tips
There are many beard oils, waxes and balms out there for you to choose.

Not everyone has the beard they want, so a good hair growth oil is very helpful. You should choose a natural kind, especially if you’re worried about allergic reactions. Anyway, don’t use too much oil, because just a little can go a long way.

Apart from oils, remember that there are also beard waxes and balms for you to shape and style yours. Invest in a high-quality product, because it will last very long indeed.

Use your facial cleanser for your beard too

grooming tips
Wash your face and beard daily.

Your beard should be washed daily, like your face, in order that it is always clean and nice, and maybe smells good too. You don’t have to buy a special beard cleanser but just use your regular face wash. Anyway, opt for the all-natural kind and one that’s appropriate for your skin type. You should read the ingredient list very carefully, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Keep in mind that the skin under your beard maybe even more sensitive, since it’s covered with your facial hair and doesn’t have good air circulation. In short, wash your face and your beard, once or twice, or even thrice daily, depending on your skin type and beard style. Dry your beard thoroughly after that with a soft, clean towel.

Trim your beard regularly

grooming tips
To your beard, trimming is caring.

Just like your hair, your beard needs regular trimming too. You may think there’s no need to trim since you want it to grow really long and thick. But we don’t tell you to cut it, just trim it so it looks tidy and nice. Because in fact, your hair, no matter on your head or around your mouth, tends to grow unevenly.

So without trimming, your beard may look funny sometimes, which can turn you into a caveman. And you don’t want that to happen, do you? Then give your good trimmer a job to do and you’ll see that you look better than any stars out there. Honestly!


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