Ameesha Patel Is Aging Like Wine At The Age Of 42 And Here's Proof

Priyansh Ha |Mar 28, 2019

Ameesha Patel is here to prove that entering into your 40s is not that horrible.

The actress for whom we used to fall in the early 2000s one more time steal our hearts 20 years later. At the age of 42, Ameesha Patel is ageing like a fine wine as she looks hotter than ever. 


Don’t believe it? Check out her Instagram with more than twenty-one million followers and fancy looks!

In addition to her eternal beauty, her sartorial choices are genius! Her sense of fashion is better than any other young Bollywood actress right now. There are hundreds of fancy pictures of her to proof but here are the best:

She has the most envious wardrobe that we’ve ever known. Of course, the actress is never afraid of flaunting it.

With a charming face and perfect figure, Ameesha has everything needed to compete with any young Bollywood actress.

You cannot flaunt your body when it comes to 40s? Well, Ms Patel is here to prove it’s wrong!

Ameesha is a fan of slogan T-shirt as she has an impressive collection of it. Here is one of her favourites. 

Girls, entering into your 40s is not that horrible right? Do you agree that Ameesha is getting better and fancier after all those years? Leave your opinions on the comment section below.


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