8 Types Of Best Friend Every Girl Should Have In Her Life

Kaira Immre |Sep 20, 2019

Friendship plays a critical role in our life, which gives us value other relationships don’t. Different friends will satisfy the different needs. Take a look at 8 types of friend that every girl should have in her life.

There are a few things every girl certainly have in her life. It may be not a beauty, owning too much money or other luxurious things. They can come from not-so-serious things such as a suitable lipstick, a black mini dress or a favorite high heel to super serious things namely friends. If you own full 8 types of best friend below, congratulations: you’re extremely lucky!

The childhood bestie

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She is not only your best friend but also your sister. You simply experience a lot of things both happiness and sorrow in life with her when two of you were little girls. It may be some simple memories like stealing your dad’s beer or teasing a dog. Perhaps, she who you share your adolescence with is likely going to be someone that sticks with you for life.

The crazy one

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She’s the one who makes you break the rules to experience something new and sparks your creativity in other fields. Besides, when you find it difficult to give any important decision, ask her to get the encouragement and belief. No matter how sad and despair you are, make a call and she’ll appear and bring a smile to you.

The brutally honest friend

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This is a person who always tells you the truth, whether you like it or not. It means all her sayings don’t have any sugar coating. She’ll be not afraid to tell you that dress or lipstick is quite ugly, not suitable for you. Even she’s willing to request you to break up with your boyfriend as soon as possible because of his problems.

The hustler

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If you have a friend like a hustler, she always inspires you for doing greatness. Because she is always on the go and meets the prominent, she’ll be an ideal bridge between you and the right people.

The mother

She is the one who always takes care of you and other friends. Whenever you get stuck in some problems, she will be by your side and give you advice (without calling your mom!).

The favorite coworker

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This is your work bestie that you can rely on to complain about your boss or relieve stress from the office. You can go to lunch together, chat and share all the commons from hot dramas, idols to the deepest secret at the office. She will make your working day more interesting and memorable. SURE.

The funny one

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It’s sure that when you’re with her, you will never stop laughing. She doesn’t hesitate to make fun of your makeup layer, dress or even your boyfriend. Perhaps, she’s the only one making you comfortable that no one can’t.

The shoulder-to-cry-on friend

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She won’t mind if you call her at any time. She’s willing to sit in hours to hear your problems without any complaint. You can pour your heart out to her because she’s truly a real keeper!


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