7 ways to use the low budget skin product which Victoria Beckham loves deeply

Author |Sep 05, 2018

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While we like to know about a celebrity-approved skincare hero, our interest usually disappears when we hear the price.  So when we finded out the £9.95 moisturiser which was loved by Victoria Beckham and Rihanna, it was a surprise.

Yes, Weleda Skin Food has cultivated a long list of celebrities who covet this ultra-rich cream for its skin-loving ingredients and serious hydrating powers. The secret? An ultra rich base of beeswax and natural oils, infused with skin soothing plant extracts including calendula and chamomile.

Turns out, this hero cream is even more of a bargain than we first thought. It can be used in than seven ways:


Ok, so the first way is obvious. Unsurprisingly, this ultra-hydrating cream makes a fabulous moisturiser. Smooth it over your face and body to have a soft, protected skin from morning to night.

Make-up primer

The cream makes a great primer for dry skin, especially if your foundation tends to cake or flake throughout the day. Just pat it lightly over your face before applying makeup . This trick works very well with mineral and powder foundations.


Ultra-rich plant extracts make this natural formula a wonder product for dry, irritated or dehydrated complexions. Slather it on, wait for 30 minutes, then remove with a damp cotton pad.

Tinted moisturiser

If you’re want to lighten up your everyday make-up in summer, this cream could negate the need to invest in a new base altogether. Simply mix a favourite foundation (liquid or powder both good) with a drop of Skin Food to make a hydrating tinted moisturiser.


When applied on top of make-up, Skin Food imparts a dewy kind of radiance that makes skin look lit from within. Using your ring finger, dab a tiny amount over the high points of the face - think brow and cheek bones for a subtle sheen that catches the light.

Dry-skin hero

If you are not happy for having dry, scaly elbows and cracked heels, the high lanolin content makes Skin Food a perfect solution. Apply as often as required to return the skin back to its former glory.

Cuticle cream

Rihanna asks her manicurist to use Skin Food on her cuticles after every manicure, and we can see why. This skin-softening formula makes the perfect finishing touch to just-polished nails.


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