5 Styling Secrets We Learned From The Master Of Style Gigi Hadid

Priyansh Ha |Mar 01, 2019

Her styles are a source of inspiration to every girl.


Gigi Hadid might keep the same tone on fashion week’s runways. Her off-duty style, however, takes note. Hadid’s sartorial identity is significant for no matter style she puts on from Atelier Versace’s embellished minidress to a lime two-piece suit. Her styles are a source of inspiration to every girl.

Here are five styling secrets which will make your style unique and outstanding as Gigi Hadid.

1. Replace Puffer Jackets By Puffer Coats


Forget your boxy and short jackets of the previous seasons as it’s time for a longer style. The model has updated on the outerwear trend which gives her outfit a complete and high-fashion look. Just like Gigi Hadid, you can mix it with sneakers or even heels and evening gown.

2. Play With Colours


Gigi Hadid always looks like she’s having fun with her closet, from shimmering sequins, cyberpunk brights to matchy-matchy separates. However, her passionate about colours do need to be high-key. With bright accessories, the model knows how to soften the look yet give it fresh meaning. As a fan of Charles & Keith’s accessories, Hadid has the whole Candy Colour collection to lift her casual looks.

3. Add Heels To Athleisurewear


The breakout bike-short trend in 2018 was said to be short-lived. Gigi Hadid, however, is here to prove it’s wrong. Pairing the bike shorts with socked-heeled booties and a neon hoodies, she completes the look with an ankle-skimming coat. High-low dressing is now hitting a new level. The secret of mastering the bike shorts is to pair it with other items in contrasting texture. If you’re out at night, stick with dark-toned outfits.

4. Denim-on-denim


Denim is the most exciting part of Hadid’s style as she keeps on refreshing her denim items with new colours and shapes. As a bold statement of style, the denim-on-denim ensemble is her favourite mix. A useful tip for you is to add a highlight to the look with animal print for a modern feel. 

5. Let Your Clothing Speak


With the return of historical wardrobe items, slogan and logo tees, Hadid has set her trend mixing these shirts with distressed denim and a structured blazer. The key of wearing slogan tee is about keeping other items low-key and allowing your tee to speak.


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