5 Best Quarantine Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Your Isolation Time

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 31, 2020

In case you've got enough of video chatting, sleeping, and eating, we give you the 5 most cutting-edge quarantine ideas to adopt during this gloomy time. 

Quarantine ideas amid lockdown: It’s obvious that the coronavirus outbreak has pretty much changed every aspect of our normal lives, including the way we hang out with friends. Although the implementation of social distancing measures makes it impossible for us to physically gang up, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing for us to enjoy together. 

Thanks to the technology developments, keeping in touch with people remotely can’t be easier. Indeed, there are multiple ways to stay connected to everyone without seeing them in real life. And if you have joined in a virtual group hang-out, you know how it works. Facetiming is likely to be the most common way that everyone has used. However, in case you've got enough of video chatting, we give you the 5 most cutting-edge ways people are adopting during this social-distancing time. 

Quarantine Ideas 1 cooking delisious food
Quarantine is the best time to try on some tasty recipe you've watched on Instagram

1. Cooking contest

Although cooking sounds exciting enough, repeating it over and over again on your own can become extremely monotonous. So why don’t we do it our your friends? Holding a cooking contest seems like a great idea, huh?  All you need is to schedule a zoom meeting and start cooking together. Before that, everyone had better get a consensus on what ingredients to use and what kind of dishes to cook. Since it is an online cooking contest, judging by tasting the food is impossible, so the results could only be based on creativity and presentation.

Quarantine Ideas 2 watching netflix
Netflix and chill, anyone?

 2. Netflix party extension

Don't wanna watch Netflix alone anymore? This extension will make your Netflix routine much more exciting. All you have to do is adding this “Netflix party” extension to your Chrome browser. Here is how you hold a Netflix party: turn on whatever you want to watch on the streaming platform; then click on the “Netflix party” extension, copy the link URL and share it with your friends. And there you go, missing a weekly movie night is nothing to worry about anymore. With this extension, you even have a chat room so that you guys could discuss the movie together. 

Quarantine Ideas 4
Playing crossword is much more fun than you might think

3. Playing crossword puzzle

Missing those mornings doing a crossword in a newspaper with friends? Don’t worry, you can still manage to keep that habit while practicing self-isolation. Being far apart and doing puzzles through Skype don’t feel odd at all. There are plenty of free crossword puzzles available online with every level from easy to super difficult for you to pick. Go check them out!

Check out an online crossword puzzle for free

Quarantine Ideas 3 laptop and book
Don't forget to give your brain some exercises

4. Opening a book club

Working from home is just as exhausting as going to the workplace. Therefore, after finishing your tasks you probably want to do something to relax your mind. May enjoy some good books? Reading on your own is ok but don’t you want to make it more entertaining? Call your friends, start a reading club and ask them to join. Reading becomes more fun when you have people to share things, to discuss with. Doesn’t it sound like an excellent idea to stay social and stay passionate about reading?

Quarantine Ideas 5
Channel the fashionista out of you with a 'quarantine fashion week'

5. How about quarantine fashion weeks?

Staying at home for weeks and only wearing pajamas? HELL NO! A glam up can instantly lift up your mood up, so do it! Whoever says that you only need to look fancy when going out must be clueless about the joy of dressing up. Having a theme or setting a dress code for your group of friends to follow sounds like a lot of fun! Scroll through your social media feed and you’ll see that people are still doing OOTD shot and asking for ideas. That’s the whole vibe!!

Check out this man who slays it with glam on the runway show like no one else:

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