Top 4 Best Shoes For Walking You Should Invest In

Mishka Saisha |Oct 30, 2019

If you are a jogging-lover, this post is for you. Here are some tips for shoe selection and we also bring to you 4 basic styles of walking shoes that you can consider.

Nobody denies the benefits of walking and jogging for our body, mind, and soul. According to the director of orthopaedics, bone, and joint surgery at Fortis Memorial Research Institute (Mumbai) - Jayant Arora, Indian people have been walking to keep fit for almost four decades. However, you should pay more attention to your shoes for walking to avoid future build-up of foot damage.

If you are a jogging-lover, this post is for you. Here are some tips for shoe selection, and we also bring you four basic styles of walking shoes that you can consider.

Neutral Running Sneakers

This is a must-have item that every sports player should have. There are many sneaker brands on the market with attractive advertisements specialized for running with limited-edition materials and foam designed.

But be careful, you might possibly go wrong when buying a pair that not suit you. The runners should be perfectly fit your foot's shape and pronation. To those who want to invest in high-quality ones, the shoes come with extra cushioning (about 50% more than the medium-qualified shoes) for shock absorption is a choice.

Shoes for walking

Motion Control Runners

Having a similar design to neutral sneakers, these specialize flat sheets. The shape keeps your foot rolling outwards into the shoes, and the motion control is stiff that allows the feet to align when you have long-distance running/walking. The only disadvantage is they’re slightly heavier than traditional ones.

shoes for walking

Basic Barefoot Shoes

You might not familiar with this type, but the shoes are designed to re-align and re-strengthen your feet. By giving plenty of room to flex and splay, the shoes optimize the natural foot shape that many modern running sneakers don’t have.

However, you will need sole support on concrete and hard surfaces as the basic style is lack of extra cushioning and flex.

shoes for walking

Minimalist Shoes

This style is a reform of basic barefoot ones with a hybrid of sneakers and barefoot shoes. The design is much more attractive, and these have a heel drop of 4-9mm gives you enough cushioning and flex for walking exercise. Even the shoes have more optimized functions, these are still lightweight.

shoes for walking

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