3 Golden Rules For All Types Of Hair

Priyansh Ha |Feb 10, 2019

The ultimate tips which work to every type of hair no matter what style, length or texture of your hair is.

Personalisation has become a trend in the beauty industry as every one of us is unique with different needs and demands. The hair industry is not an exception, especially when each woman has different hairstyle, texture, length. It also varies by regions and seasons. There are some basic hair rules, however, can be applied to everyone no matter what type of hair you have. Scroll down for more.

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Rule #1: Wash Your Hair

There has been an emerging backlash against hair washing recently. Indeed, more and more women believe that washing their hair too vigorously or too often cause hair loss and breakage. Others suppose that shampoo damages their hair and make it dry. In facts, many experts say that it is baseless and washing your hair less frequently can make your hair even worse.

There is also another myth that rubbing the scalp too vigorously will cause hair loss. Tommy Buckett, a New York City hairstylist who frequently works with Amber Heard and Claire Danes, confirms that it is entirely untrue. He also suggests the right method of hair washing as we need more products and water. The critical point is we need to do it with fingertips to stimulate our scalp and allow the blood to flow. It also helps remove product buildup and dead skin.

This technique applies to any type of product you use. Even women who need specialised products for their damaged, dry or colour-processed hair need the right action and the right finger moves to emulsify and optimise the product’s effectiveness.

Applying conditioner is what we usually do after the cleansing step. And rinsing off condition is a must. You might have heard an old myth: those who have curly hair don’t need to rinse it out entirely as the conditioner will leave a smooth and moisturised texture on your hair. It used to be right years ago but not any more. The formula of conditioners these days is way different from the older one. You can rinse thoroughly while your hair is still hydrated and smooth.

Combing Hair

Rule #2: Use a Wide-Toothed Comb

There are so many ways to style your hair but the most basic and helpful weapon every woman need is a wide-tooth comb. Unfortunately, most of us are doing it in the wrong way. For all types of hairstyle, do it from the end to the roots.  

Styling a curly hair is more comfortable when it’s damp. This is when our hair becomes weakest. Use any type of product like gel or spray to help the comb glide to detangle your hair, any agents except serum or oil.  

There are two key points here: What product works to you and how you use it. Almost all women always use it less than required as the excess water on your damp hair will dilute the agents a bit.

Most of the experts we’ve talked to agreed that there is a common mistake when women only apply a tiny amount of a product on the top layers or spray a thin mist around their head. The right way is you have to get into the inside layers and throughout your strands. Take a trial and experiment it yourself, just like experimenting with makeup.

Rule #3: Take A Supplement

A common thing you may know but never try it on, your diet takes effect on your body, from head to toes. Healthy stuff like veggies, whole grains and good fats will make your hair strong and healthy from the inside, not just about the look. You don’t need to go to a salon but taking supplements is highly recommended.

Jonathan Colombini, an L.A stylist who works with Camila Alves and Kendall Jenner votes for Nutrafol as his favourite brand. The product contains biotin, collagen, antioxidants and amino acids. It is mainly for hair growth, but help improve your hair, skin and nails as well.


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