12 Top-Quality Gym Outfits That Are Available In Size 14 to 20

Kareena Kusari |Dec 09, 2018

Many famous brands have produced the various products in styles and sizes for those who wear size 14 and above.

Plus Size Clothing

Historically, fashion in general and fitness wear in particular for plus size women weren’t diversified as normal sizes.

However, in recent years, encouraging signals for the followers of the outsize sportswear industry have finally emerged. Many famous brands have produced the various products in styles and sizes for those who wear size 14 and above.

Specifically, early in 2017, Nike announced its launch for plus size sportswear lines.

Another well-known brand of gym outfit, Adidas, has also followed this trend. It has expanded its range of fitness wear in more diverse sizes. Thus, possession of activewear not only fit but also fashionable has caused great excitement among all plus size consumers.

Sport plays an important role in maintaining our health and improving our physique. Therefore, with such an essential activity, anyone needs strong support from the best gym wear to ensure maximum comfort during a workout. Plus size people desire ease than anyone else to enhance their love and their attachment to these beneficial physical activities.

Consequently, if you are looking for sports for plus size women, this article is for you.

It gathers the best types of outsized activewear to assist you in making the right choices.

12 top-quality fitness wear lines for plus size people

The top-quality outsize from Nike brand

Nike Epic Lux Flash 2

Nike Epic Lux Flash 1
Nike Epic Lux Flash, £94.95, Nike

To meet every consumer’s needs, Nike has made tremendous efforts in developing a wider range of designs and sizes. Nevertheless, it still maintained the fashion styles in all gym outfit. One of Nike's outstanding plus size products is the reflective running tights, Nike Epic Lux Flash.

Although their price is quite expensive, in return, they bring a superior quality to the users. In addition to good elasticity and complete comfort, they also help the wearers stand out thanks to their reflective patterns. The plus size is available in UK size range from 22 to 32.

The top-quality outsize sports bras

Freya Active Sonic Cherry Glow Moulded Sports Bra

Freya Active Sonic Cherry Glow Moulded Sports Bra
Freya Active - Sports Bra, from £38.00, Freya Lingerie

This line of sports bra is one of Freya brand’s bestsellers. Its molded cups and inside bra help in supporting women’s breasts and giving you maximum comfort in any type of movement. It comes in various cup sizes from B to H.

Energise Black Sports Bra 1
Elomi - Energise Black Sports Bra, from £36.00, Elomi

With a clever j-hook, the bra’s straps of the Elomi brand can be easily adjusted from straight ones to the racerback style to make you comfier in workout practice.

There is a variety of colors to choose from and it supports in cup sizes up to size K.

Anita Active Air Control Deltapad 1
Anita Active Air Control DeltaPad, £54.00, Boobydo

With external mesh cloth and the inside bra with two contrasting colours, this sports bra surely satisfies the fashion enthusiasts. Besides, it features the smart technology ‘DeltaPad’ ensuring air circulation and wicking away sweat. Therefore, it not only gives you freedom of movement but also the feeling of dryness. The product’s cup sizes are up to size H.

The top-quality outsize yoga pantyhoses

Blossom Yoga Wear Yoga Pants
Blossom Yoga Wear Yoga Pants, from £39.99, Blossom Yoga Wear

The tights coming from the Blossom Yoga Wear brand not only allow you the comfort throughout your yoga practice but also attract others’ attention owing to their colourful patterns and diversified colours. Their plus size comes up to UK plus size 18.

The top-quality outsize sports leggings

Boudavida Zoom Leggings
Boudavida Zoom Leggings, £40.00, Boudavida

These high-waisted sports tights with the mesh design and the Boudavida brand printed on their waistband will flatter your body. They will quickly become your great companion in the physical training process. You can find the ones to fit your body because these pants support up to UK size 18.

Shock Absorber Activewear Legging
Shock Absorber Activewear Legging, £25.00, wiggle.com

Shock Absorber, a famous brassiere brand, has now got into the sportswear market in pants and capri pants. These tights feature bright colours and lots of vibrant patterns. Additionally, the sweat-wicking material makes you feel dry and be extremely comfy in movement. In late December, the size will be expanded to XL (from UK size 16 to 18).

Proskins Slim High Waisted Navy Blue Leggings
Proskins Slim High Waisted Navy Blue Leggings, £59.95, Proskins

Proskins’ high-waisted pants aim to fit your legs and make your cellulite slimmer. However, they still give you extreme ease even in a high-intensity workout. With the maximum size of UK 24, definitely, they are fitness wear you should own in your wardrobe.

The top-quality outsize fitness tops

Freya Flex Tank Top
Freya Flex Tank Top, £24.00, Freya

Freya brand possesses much desirable sportswear for outsized consumers, including this Freya Flex Tank Top. The top has a scooped neck and a racerback, allowing the wearers to freely exercise and feel ultra-comfortable during the training sessions.

Nike Womenstraining Tank
Nike Women'sTraining Tank, £26.95, Nike

With sweat-absorbing cloth, a convenient racerback style, as well as an elegant logo on the top, you'll be completely satisfied with this top-quality top. It has many sizes from 22 to 32 for your choice.

Shock Absorber Tank Top
Shock Absorber Tank Top, £26.99, wiggle.com

Another great sportswear line from Shock Absorber is the tank top. It is produced from high-quality fabric to wick perspiration effectively. Therefore, it not only fits you but also helps you be comfortable and cool during a workout.

The top-quality outsize activewear coat

Adidas Performance Hooded Sweat Jacket
Adidas Performance Hooded Sweat Jacket, £45.00, Curvissa

Adidas' jacket will be the perfect selection for plus size people doing exercises in the winter days. Its maximum size comes to 3XL.


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