10 Hottest Watercolour Tattoos That You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off 

Rose Advani |Oct 30, 2019

Owning a tattoo is rising significantly in popularity in the young generation. Have you ever known about watercolour tattoos? The trend is more and more popular and evenly becomes an art.

Tattoos give in your mind something are strong, dark outlines, and shading. However, those are not the latest trends of tattoos! For the last few years, watercolour tattoos appear and rise significantly in popularity.

The young are fond of the bright and vivid features that watercolour tattoos are giving back. The effect that created by the number of the subtle colour gradient will give the tattoos like fade-in and fade-out, so miracle.

Watercolour tattoos grew fast and beat the traditional tattoos by following the right trend - gradient color and fit with the stylish young.

Watercolor tattoos are trending now
Watercolour tattoos are trending now

However, watercolour tattoos require any tattoo artists a high level with a different set-up. The artist must learn a number of techniques as blurs, bleeds. fades, and runs for a watercolour look. You must find some experienced artist for training.

Presently, there is no standard watercolour tattoos form to follow; it’s almost the creativity of tattoos artist. The post will cover you 10 unique and beautiful watercolour tattoos 2019 that the young keen on.

Watercolour amazingly works with flower tattoos

Rose & Lily

The rose tattoo profoundly mimics the bleeding nature of watercolour paints. Someone thinks that the tattoo is so simple just by placing the brush on the wet paper. And you will see that the ink is fade out from the central point.

Watercolor tattoos
Rose & Lily watercolour tattoo

Most young girls fell in love with this tattoo due to the perfect combination of Lily and rose as well as natural colourful tattoos like real.


Owning a bouquet tattoo on the shoulder or other places on your body will grab any attention. The artist highlights the tattoo with the thin-lined design by not taking the colour to the outline of the design and instead of fading it out.

Bouquet watercolor tattoo
Bouquet watercolour tattoo

The Bouquet tattoo takes the artist much time for various type of flowers in one. The tattoos might be on your hand, leg, and shoulder.

Poppy Flower

The poppy tattoo is outlined in sloppy black and the red colouring insight which give the tattoo the personalized feel. Adding some disconnected dots around the edge of the colouring part will give the image that the ink is dripping off.

watercolor tattoos
Poppy Flower watercolour tattoo

The poppy tattoo often gives a good look on the neck and shoulder.


The script tattoo is with the script background, and few colours transition will give the tattoo a blended paint look. And the platter looks like someone has dropped some pigments onto the skin.

Script watercolor tattoo
Script watercolour tattoo

When you are fond of shapes: more creative and unique

Splatter Heart

The splatter hart tattoo will make you unique among tons of heart tattoos. Instead of using watercolour to fill in, the tattoo uses the watercolour technique to fill out. After creating the outline of the main design, the tattoo will be added the pigment to the opposite area, which generates the spattering effect.

watercolor tattoos
Splatter Heart


For any fan of book shape, the tattoo will show you a miracle book with the electric feel from the multi-colours fly out the pages of the book. The darker patches and additional dots will mimic the nature of watercolour pigments.

watercolor tattoos
Storybook watercolour tattoo


The watercolour technique will turn a simple plane to artistic. The trail of an aeroplane is made with the watercolour style; the colours flexibly bleeding into each other give a subtle effect like the colourful wind.

Plane watercolor tattoos
Plane watercolour tattoos

Paint Splatter

Free movements! The platter of the ink creates the tattoo. From first glance, you feel like a paint drop onto the skin. You can mix it to be more special by let the colours meld into each other for a gradient look.

Evergreen Tree

Evergreen Tree tattoo is also one of the hottest watercolour tattoos. The artist gives no outline for this tattoo; she uses the darker patches of colour to form this tree and make it natural with fine pigment gradients like bleeding onto the skin.

Evergreen Tree watercolor tattoo
Evergreen Tree watercolour tattoo

Solar System

The solar system is also a great inspiration in creating a watercolour shape tattoo. With this tattoo, the artist does not blend colours; they use different pigments to create the faded look and just highlighting by the denote water-like colour movement.

All these watercolour tattoos are serious work of art that requires the artist the thoroughness, sophistication, and creativity. Finding out the watercolour tattoo that you are keen on and be the unique and trendy, guys!

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