How To Look Taller: Fashion Secrets For Men To Look Taller

Rose Advani |Sep 27, 2019

Most fashionistas care about the trick to look taller than they are. The article will reveal fashion secrets for men to look taller. You will get a surprise because they are super simple to follow.

Being taller seems to a miracle wish for any man getting a modest height. Some of them trust that it’s impossible to add some inches to the height or wonder how to look taller. However, you can smartly dress up to look taller with these fashion secrets.

how to look taller
Smartly dressing gives modest men a taller look

For any men who insecure about his height must follow these fashion secrets for men to look taller and get confident postures on any occasions.

Accessorize Your Look

Coming at first, layering will be a great method to make men stylish and taller. Basing on essential outfits, you can give some add-ons as socks, belts, scarves, hats, certainly clothes on clothes.

How To Look Taller: 8 Fashion Secrets For Men To Look Taller
Accessorize your look with socks, belts, scarves, hats

If you get insecure about your height, you can add a scarf and a hat to your outfit. Notably, you must get matching colors among these accessories. Using a slim belt with the matching color is also a right solution. Also, you can try a pair of suspenders, which are classy and lengthen your look.

Socks: You should select the socks with the same color as your trousers and avoid patterns or bright colors.

Hats and scarves: These accessories will style your look and add some length to your body, especially essential item in the winter.

Belts: All average height men should choose slim belts which are no thicker than 1.5 inches, and the color should be matched with your outfit, not contrasting too heavily.

Fix Your Posture & Body Language

Yup! Keeping the right posture will give your look a length. Though you have an average height, you still get a good impression if you follow the proper position when sitting or standing.

How To Look Taller: 8 Fashion Secrets For Men To Look Taller
Get the right posture to give you more length to your look

Also, you should use the proper body language in communication to complete your overall look and look taller. You can practice having a good body language and the right posture in front of a mirror.

Wear Well-Fitted Clothes

Fitting is the killing secret in how to look taller! For whatever you select to wear, you need to ensure they are fit for you. When you dress up to fit, you will look much taller. Baggy clothing should not be in the wardrobe of a short man, which make you shorter. When shopping for clothes, you should choose slim-fit clothing items made of thin-weight fabrics.

How To Look Taller: 8 Fashion Secrets For Men To Look Taller
Fitting give you the best look all the time

In case, you love to stylish your outfit, you can select the layering option or wearing a fitted shirt with folded sleeves.

Choose The Right Patterns

The patterns in your clothing get a significant influence on your height look. You should choose the clothing with a small pattern, which adds the length to your look. If you are fond of wearing stripes or gingham checks, you should choose the small size of this pattern.

How to look taller
Vertical stripe clothing items will elongate your body

The vertical stripe item is a perfect clothing item that elongates your body. You should pair a vertical stripe with a jacket for an ideal look.

Dress In Monochromes and Avoid Light Colors

All men with average height should stick with dark color clothing items. These dark color outfits will slim and lengthen your body. Especially, you should avoid light color, and never say with the combination between a dark color item with the light color one; it’s a disaster!

how to look taller
Dress monochromatically to appear taller

You should reduce the contrast in color of your outfit, dressing monochromatically is the perfect solution to appear taller. Dressing monochromatically does not mean just a black color; there are lots of dark colors for you like grays, dark blue, browns, and pastels.

No matter how tall you are, you will grab attention by smartly dressing!

How To Look Taller: 8 Fashion Secrets For Men To Look Taller
Fashion styles of Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan

These fashion secrets have shown men how to look taller, which positively change your look by the right following. Some of Bollywood stars with their modest height as Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan, still look great, stylish, and confident on each time they are in front of the public by smartly dressing.

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