Top 10 Best Hairstyles Make You Look Like An A-Lister

Priyansh Ha |Jan 31, 2019

No one can explain why but new year always comes along with new hairstyles. If you’re looking for a quick change with your boring hairstyles, try it on your bangs first.

No one can explain why but the New Year always comes along with new hairstyles. If you’re looking for a quick change with your boring hairstyle, try with your bang first. Given the fact that bang actually shapes your face, changing your bangs a bit can change the whole thing. And don’t worry about the experiments because they will soon grow out.

If you are hesitating to make the decision, here are some celebrities who can prove that these hairstyles with bangs work effectively with everyone.


1. Long Bangs

Why It Works: Long bangs with round off at two sides match perfectly with Ashley Olsen's oval face. It highlights her high cheekbones and her eyes.

Styling Tip: Use hair-dryer with oval hairbrush instead of a round brush to bend your bangs with a natural look. Round brushes will leave your bangs with ‘80s-level curls.


2. Curtain-Parted Bangs

Why It Works: If you want to leave your long heavy bangs without feeling annoyed as they cover your eyes, try to part your long bangs in the middle and lightly curls the edges just like Camila Cabello's style.

Styling Tip: To prevent your bangs from puffing up, flat-iron the roots of your hair. Covering them with a mist of hairspray will make the frizz stays longer.


3. Softened Blunt Bangs

Why It Works: If long bangs make your face looks like being swallowed by the hair, try out blunt bangs like Naomi Campbell. This style helps to show more dimension of your face.

Styling Tip: Flat-iron is a must-have item if you want your bangs to be straight yet natural textured. Run it over your hair quickly from the roots then slightly bend the iron at the ends.


4. Baby Bangs

Why It Works: Leading the trend of baby bangs in 2018 must be Emma Watson. This choppy bang is a bit unusual but they are spreading all over this year.

Styling Tip: If your hair is naturally curly, make friend with a flat-iron. A light serum is highly recommended to get pretty hair.


5. Curly Bangs

Why It Works: Yara Shahidi’s natural texture hair cannot stop her from testing curly hairs. The coiled bangs are there to highlight and add up dimension to her face.

Styling Tip: If you want your curly hair to be fine, don’t touch it too much. That’s the rule. Leave your hair almost dry then nix the frizz with a serum, mousse.


6. Tousled Bangs

Why It Works: Tousled bangs like Bella's starts behind the hairline. Long bangs allow you to vary your styles from scooping up like a topknot or fall down and frame around your face.

Styling Tip: Tousled bangs don’t need much carefulness as few passes of iron is enough.


7. A-Shaped Bangs

Why It Works: In the shape of an arrow, this bangs style will turn the attention to your eyes, look at Rihana’s face and see how it works.

Styling Tip: Use a small amount of wax and rub it over your fingers. Separate your bangs into two part in equal to shape a piece-y effect.


8. Wispy Bangs

Why It Works: Multi-layer bangs like Soo Joo Park's makes her bangs blend into the rest part of her hair.

Styling Tip: even when this hairstyle looks a bit messy and natural, you still need to flat-iron the roots to keep it flatter.


9. Side-Swept Bangs

Why It Works: Long bangs can be varied into many styles and side-swept bangs is a classic one. Transforming into Emma Stone or a random A-lister is only about changing your bangs.

Styling Tip: This bangs style match perfectly with a bun or ponytail behind. Of course, you will need a little wax or hair spray to keep its frizz.


10. Choppy Bangs

Why It Works: If you’re having a short hair like a pixie cut, try it on right now. Look at Anne Hathaway with her choppy bang to see how feminine short hair could be.

Styling Tip: Take a little wax between your fingers and lightly twist it to make a few pieces fall down in front of your forehead.


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