Zayn Malik was said to have a pillow talk with a 41-year-old masseuse

Author |Oct 01, 2018

Zayn, 25, and Gigi were in a relationship for two years before they broke up in March. They got back together again in the summer.

New York: Zayn Malik (One Direction member) is believed to have a "secret sex session" with masseuse. It happens few weeks after he is no longer with his ex girlfriend Gigi Hadid

The masseuse- Petrongari had a talk with She showed her surprise whenZayn Malik pay attention on a 41-year-old woman like her. She thinks that Zayn is attractive and can have any girl he wants. His ex girlfriend Gigi Hadid is also a pretty woman. He made Petrongari feel special when saying that he is interested in girls with big a**es. However, she said that Zayn was just using her.

The 25-year-old singer and Gigi were together for two years before breaking up in March. A few months later, in the summer, they got back together again.

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Masseuse Petrongari first went to the sixth-floor apartment in Soho, closeby to New York.  Zayn's assistant reserved a room for her there. By that time, the only thing she knew when coming there is that her client is an "A star celebrity".

When she arrived, Zayn was sleeping in his bedroom. She recognized Zayn right away as soon as she entered the room. She described his apartment as a modern one. It went with a lot of PlayStation controllers and Zayn's music work on the wall.

After that, Zayn told her to do massage for him since he was tired and wanted to relax. Afterwards, he asked Petrongari to come back the day afer.

The masseuse reported to that in the later session of massage, Zayn started holding her hand. She also said that Zan told her to be comfortable and not anxious when being with him. She thinks Zayn is attractive, especially his great body and sexy tattoo. As much to her surprise, Zayn has shown interests in her but she believes he was flattering. Them two gave each other's phone numbers and began to send out direct messages. Zayn told her they were enjoying the time together and told her to come again.

He also claimed to be single and expressed his interessed in her body. Moreover, he also texted her: "I want you to come lay with me." while asking for her pictures. He also called the masseuse his "Italian Goddess".

Perongari said: "He told me he didn't care about the massages anymore - he just wanted me here. We had a lot of fun. But afterwards he would appear rude and disinterested. We never really just hung out together."

Petrongari said Zayn wanted her to come not for the massage anymore, but to have fun together. Nevertheless, Zayn started to be impolite to her and show no more interest. She said that she and Zayn has never really hang out with each other.


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