“Wonder Woman 1984” Releases New Dazzling Poster, Wonder Woman’s Lover Will Resuscitate?

Nalini Suri |Jun 06, 2019

"Wonder Woman 1984", the sequel of "Wonder Woman" will be released in 2020 but its new posters have been already shot out flashing the audiences’ eyes.

The film about feminine power Wonder Woman marks a pivotal turning point for DC. Just now, director Patty Jenkins posted a dazzling teaser poster for Wonder Woman 1984 but still kept secrets about the film.


The new poster is such a colorful feast for our eyes, which features Wonder Woman’s emblematical initial shape in craggy smears of multi-colors background by actress Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman 1984

The teaser poster also showcases Wonder Woman in a brand-new full body suit appearing in shiny metal and scale mail as a gleaming set of armor. The full-body costume and space-age silhouette resemble closely Big Barda, another demi-goddess warrior of the DC Universe than any of unforgettable Wonder Woman’s costume overhauls.

wonder woman 1984
Full teaser poster of "Wonder Woman 1984"

It seems that there will be a war of Diana Prince when Wonder Woman 1984 hits all the cinema next year. On Patty Jenkins’s Twitter, she also posted a well-managed image of Steve Trevor (by Chris Pine) with a clear tweet status: “Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor!”

Patty 1

There has been no more explaining attached to the image, which scrambled the audiences’ noodles. Which event does 1984 mark for? Is the guy in the image real Steve Trevor? Why is he still alive?

Steve Trevor appears in a tracksuit and running shoes with bewilderment on his face. We still remember that in the Wonder Woman movie (2017), he did sacrifice himself for the first war so that chemical weapons of the German army would explode into the air. How can he appear in Wonder Woman 1984 with the same appearance?

At the same time, the actress Gal Gadot shared the pictures of princess Themyscira opposite to many television screens which feature for the 80s decade with radiant costumes and colors. However, Diana seems to be unsettled when seeing her own silhouette.


With exactly one year to go till Wonder Woman 1984 hits all the cinemas, the director confirmed not to bring any updates or trailer until December. But the shining poster stands for all the sayings that Wonder Woman 1984 will be a blockbuster.


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