Top 10 Most-Followed Celebrities On Twitter 2019: Both Politics And Entertainment Are Included

Nalini Suri |Jul 30, 2019

It’s funny when these days, they evaluate someone’s popularity by their followers on Twitter. Now come through Top 10 most-followed celebrities on Twitter 2019.

Twitter is a social network where we can update a trend or information about a celeb, which means Top 10 most-followed celebrities on Twitter 2019 says it all about the popularity brought to celebs. Check out the following list!

Top 1: Katy Perry

Outmarching her own result on the Instagram rich list, Katy Perry covers the top light of Top 10 most-followed celebrities on Twitter 2019 owing 108 million followers. We can find the Roar hit-maker creating an eccentric trend and quirky and upbeat style of music through 10k tweets that have captured many fans’ eyes.

katy perry

Top 2: Barack Obama

Standing at the second position of this list is U.S. former president Barack Obama with a number of 107 million followers. U.S historians listed him as the eighth greatest President of the U.S. His influential speech to protect the rights of LGBT+ people and Depression credit has made him a statue in the U.S. people. He is also the only politician to be enlisted.

Barack Obama

Top 3: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Catching up the top spotlight is the Canadian singer reaching fame since he was young. Up to now, Justin is followed by 106 million accounts and masters over 30k tweets. Not only on Twitter, but the Baby singer also appears in many other charts with incredible figures, especially his own YouTube channel which pushed his career up.

Top 4: Rihanna


Grabbing 92.5 million followers, Rihanna lands at the 4th ranking in Top 10 most-followed celebrities on Twitter 2019. The multi-talented singer, as well as hip hop ambassador, has worked on many charitable activities of tourism and education that she created or invested to fight against terminal diseases.

Top 5: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Named in both lists of Instagram and Twitter, Taylor has reached gorgeous fame and a huge reputation. She collects 84 million followers when having often been a celebrity topic. The singer-composer knows how to respond to others’ criticism perfectly through her songs, typically her 2 recent prettiest hits. Besides, she has raised funds and charity events to recover disasters or support cancer researches.

Top 6: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

At the 6th spot of the list is American phenomenon Lady Gaga followed by 79.1 million accounts. She is one of the rare artists who dare to try brand-new musical genres and experiment in strange styles. Her approach way to social networks is exciting that compounds two separate kinds of personal stories and tweets relating to brands.

Top 7: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal national football team skipper Cristiano Ronaldo ranks the 7th with 78.9 million followers. Although he is known as the best football player, he has stuck to many scandalous issues including tax evasion, legal troubles, and rape allegation. He is likely to receive several overseas engagements through his Portuguese posts.

Top 8: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

The next celebrity on the list is the host of popular The Ellen Show when drawing the attention of 78.2 million people. Her sarcastic sense of humor but rarely bad-spirited has been entertaining many viewers and won the most People’s Choice Awards.

Top 9: YouTube


Not a celebrity but YouTube is a favorite video medium to everybody attracting 71.7 million followers. Most of the time, this channel has given fun to users through various entertainment showcases, notices or posts.

Top 10: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Pop president Justin Timberlake is the final name in this list when owing 65.1 million followers on Twitter. Coming over a long-time career, he is also a trendsetter in image and fashion that has brought to him many praises for his ‘effortlessly cool’ look.

Top 10 most-followed celebrities on Twitter 2019 has been out to reveal the popularity of many celebs. Standing out of this list doesn't mean the other celebrities lose their fame when they all have been contributing to the world and society.


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