TIFF 2018: 'A Star Is Born'; 'Widows', 'Beautiful Boy' premiere

tuyettta |Sep 10, 2018

Everything you need to know about 2018 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)!

Women movie-makers, actors and activists came together outside the center of 2018 TIFF on Saturday. A series of excited conversations on gender prejudice in the film industry, together with the female voices' power was announced to overcome.

Below is everything that's become hot news at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)!

Women drum up for gender prejudice

Actress Geena Davis addresses the crowd at the Share Her Journey Rally for Women in Film during the Toronto Film Festival, on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018, in Toronto. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

"Share Her Journey Rally" followed the same events at previous film festivals. Before the rally, co-head of the TIFF Cameron Bailey just signed a comprehensive pledge. This pledge bring to achieve gender equality in the festival's administrative ranks. And on its panel of directors before 2020, the pledge's been signed different festival leaders.

Geena Davis, the founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, said: "Bringing all problems which we have in the world, all the regions of society where there is tremendous gender prejudice, the one field that could be fixed nightlong is on-screen". She continued: "The very next plan that someone creates — the next television show, the next film — might be gender evaluated. It could be fixed definitely instantly". Geena Davis then added: "No more forgotten opportunities."

Olivia Munn gains little help from Predator peers

Actress Olivia Munn attends the premiere for

According to A Los Angeles Times, 20th Century Fox had dismissed a scene that starred a man who's a registered sex perpetrator. After that, actress Olivia Munn says she has gained little help from her Predator director and co-stars. Munn alarmed the studio about the status of Steven Wilder Striegel, and that scenery was cut among 24 hours. At TIFF, she expressed feeling lonely and isolated in the report.

Munn confessed to Vanity Fair that she hasn't heard anything from Shane Black, who regretted in an announcement for casting one of his friends. The Hollywood Reporter reported that some of Munn's castmates also withdrew from interviews with her. Her castmates Keegan-Michael Key was not ever scheduled to do the interview since he departed early for Jewish new year festival. Keegan-Michael Key's publicist spoke on Sunday that the actor contacted to Munn secretly last week just to declare his great respect for the actress.

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota of Vasan Bala begin to rave feedbacks

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota (aka The Man Who Feels No Pain) had its first showing worldwide at TIFF 2018. The film stars Abhimanyu Dasani and Radhika Madan. Released in the TIFF's Midnight Madness section, Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota tells a story about a man with inborn insensitivity to ache. It means that the feels no hurt at all.

The Man Who Feels No Pain began to rave feedbacks at this festival. "It's a glorious B-movie admiration to kungfu and exploitation movies of the VHS era: film about Martial arts, Shaw Brothers shoestring epics, American trash classics, Bollywood extravaganzas, or Western and Django movies", Paul Heath of The Hollywood News wrote.

A Star Is Born fans overcomes TIFF

Anthony Ramos, from left, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and Dave Chappelle attend the press conference for

The feedback about romantic saga A Star Is Born of Bradley Cooper has been passionate. Critics have shown off crying wildly. Maniacs outside cinemas have cried for the movie's star, Lady Gaga. Many words such as "gaga", ''rapturous", "glorious" are running uncontrolled. Since making seashore at the TIFF, this movie has aggravated a kind of mania barely seen in the fevered dimension of a film event.

It has been hailed as "damned near perfect" (per Rolling Stone) and "a transcendent Hollywood movie" (per Variety). It also has predictably issued as Oscar's top prediction lists in every category, including its OSTs. It's really a breakthrough for Bradley Cooper, who just directed for the first time. And it's a breakthrough for Gaga, who starred as lead-role in a movie for the first time.

Timothee Chalamet once again turns heads

Actor Timothee Chalamet poses for photographs on the red carpet after arriving for the new movie

Now, Timothee Chalamet is a seasoned veteran at the age of 22. One year after Call Me By Your Name, the actor comeback at the ceremony of the film festival circuit in fall. There were several doubters after Timothee Chalamet who became the youngest Oscar nominee for Best Actor in almost 80 years. However, his performance in the hit drama Beautiful Boy has firmly confirmed him as one of the most excellent actors within his generation.

In the drama, Chalamet portrays Nic Sheff, David Sheff's (starred Steve Carell) young son. In scenes which toggle between happier memories of the father with his son and crushing cycles of treatment and deterioration which come later, this drama is an extremely realistic description of drug addiction, as we can see through the cylinder of a family.

New heist mystery Widows premieres of Steve McQueen

Director Steve McQueen poses with paper cutouts of his face as he attends the premiere for

Director Steve McQueen just came back to the public attention at the TIFF on Sunday. He returned with the kick-ass feminist burglary movie called Widows. This film tells a story about an era when calls are increasing for heftier parts for women.

It has been 5 years since Steve McQueen released his most recent movie titled 12 Years A Slave. The director's newest film, featuring Viola Davis, achieving one for Fences in 2017. The film was readjusted from 1983-85 British TV series of Lynda La Plante. About this TV series, McQueen confesses that it just speaks to him as a 13 years old black boy in London.

Michael Moore sees symbols of Hitler in Trump in Fahrenheit 11/9

Michael Moore, director of the new documentary film

At the debut of Fahrenheit 11/9, Michael Moore has disclosed the portentous and impassioned documentary about Donald Trump. The filmmaker took to the stage some Parkland, Florida pupils who shortly appear in the film.

Supposedly, Moore's newest movie is predictable. That the activist producer would turn his camera on Trump's improvement wouldn't amaze anyone. What can is how much Michael Moore also introduces Democratic leaders, Barack Obama, or even himself. The 64-year-old filmmaker said in a recent interview: "This film is about Trump as much as it's about us".


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