Selling Pringles, Pepsi... These Actors Got Everyone Starstruck By Their Beauty Even Before Fame

Salena Harshini |Sep 03, 2019

Before being famous, many Hollywood stars had to do many different jobs. In particular, being an advertising model is the most popular profession.

The path to asserting reputation and talent in the capital city of movies Hollywood has never been easy. Many top actors have struggled with lots of different jobs before carving their names on the star avenue. Among them, the profession of advertising model can be said to be one of the most popular occupations.

Through the ads from many years ago, the audience can admire the juvenile looks of the most bankable stars in the world today. Although everyone looks naïve and innocent, their beauty is still enough to make people admire incessantly.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo Bubble Yum

Leonardo DiCaprio’s destiny with the entertainment industry kicked started since he was quite young, but not as an actor but as an advertising model. Before hitting the stride into an A-list star with the blockbuster movie "Titanic", the actor once appeared in a gum advertising video.

Not long after, the young man that day did not hesitate to go to Japan in order to continue playing a more high-class advertising clip, promoting the famous car brand.

Leo Young

It can be seen that Leonardo's youthful appearance was truly incomparable. The small and handsome face along with the bright smile of the 90s male actor can completely defeat the hearts of millions of young women around the world.

Anne Hathaway

Before becoming well-known to the whole world for her role as Princess of Genovia in the Princess Diary series, Anne Hathaway appeared on television a lot as an advertising model.

The most worth-mentioning work is the real estate advertisement where Anne appealed all of the audience with her beautiful and pure charm.

Anne Hathaway

The beauty of the famous female star in the early of her twenties always left the public with the impression of an innocent girl with an infectious vitality. Although Hollywood has thousands of other beautiful stars, the unmistakable look of Anne Hathaway still has a certain place in everyone’ heart.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Pringles 1

Brad Pitt had quite a rough start while entering the entertainment industry. The Once Upon A Time in Hollywood actor had experienced many jobs such as waiter, stripper ... before being able to build his reputation in the movie capital. Hardly anyone knows that those few advertisements on TV had helped the handsome guy attract the attention of fastidious Hollywood directors.

One of the most impressive advertisements of the now 55-year-old actor is the Pringles ad.


The beauty of Mr. and Mrs. Smith star is always considered to be permanent over time. What possibly changes (in a better way) are temperament and charisma. If in middle age, Brad Pitt owns the elegance of a gentleman, the young actor Brad Pitt in the years of 1985-1990 is highly appreciated for his masculine, strong, full-of-vitality beauty.

Keanu Reeves

Many people will burst into laughter at the image of actor Keanu Reeves in the commercials he took part in when he was young. Who would have thought that the famous actor with such a chill face would have once appeared in ads of beverage and cereal brands.

Keanu ReevesKeanu 1

It can be seen that the style of the young John Wick actor was not so different from the present. Keanu in the 1990s still makes the audience think of a model who is extremely smile-sparing, always appears with an emotionless face, but does not make people feel averse.

Mark Ruffalo


Three decades ago, when he was not widely known, “The Incredible Hulk” Mark Ruffalo once played in an ad for acne cream, Clearasil. The good-looking appearance of the male actor was praised with all words. Besides, the actor's light curly hair is also a big plus, making his face look even more eye-catching.

Mark 1

Jason Statham

Most impressive above all is probably the action star Jason Statham. In the commercial for the chocolate company he played in 16 years ago, his cool looks seem irrelevant. But it is this contrast that creates a surprisingly positive effect.


The appearance of the Fast and Furious star has not changed much since then. He still appears in front of the audience with his bald head, ginger beard, and a rarely young face.

Jason 1

Emilia Clarke

Samaritans Emilia Clrake

10 years ago, before the TV series Game of Thrones launched and became a bomb all around the world, "Mother of Dragon" Emilia Clarke was still struggling to prove herself in her career path to. At that time, she appeared in many small and undistinguished ads, including Samaritans - the psychological support helpline.

Emilia Clarke

In the commercial, Emilia Clarke's face was only lightly makeup-ed. The harmonious natural features of the actress easily bring sympathy for the opposite person. Therefore, although not too outstandingly beautiful, Emilia still received many compliments for her appearance.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is known for his roles in megahits Gone Girl, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice... Obviously, the actor has attained quite an amazing career. Everything has a starting point and for Ben, his start was the saccharin Burger King commercial.


His innocent yet striking look made a strong impression and it seems that he just grows finer over time.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Pepsi

Sofia Vergara is one of the Hollywood sex symbols with a sizzling figure. She has also been named the second rank in Forbes's Highest-Paid Actresses 2019. The Modern Family actress has signed on with Pepsi for a continuing endorsement contract with Pepsi ever since 2011.


However, netizens have found out that her connection with the famed brand started way before that. Sofia had already attracted the viewers with her appealing body since the 1980s in a Latin American Pepsi ad. She was just 17 years old back then.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum was literally found when he was part of a Mountain Dew commercial. Amanda Bynes, who was his co-star in She’s The Man insisted the producers to cast him in the film after she saw him in the advertisement.

Channing Tatum 1

You know what a lady killer he was (and still is) as he only appeared in an advertisement and already made it irresistible even to an actress. Bynes said,

Screenshot 74


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