"The Youngest Judge In Cannes" Elle Fanning - From Her Sister's Shadow To "American Fairy"

Nalini Suri |May 24, 2019

Despite of blurred beginning, Elle Fanning has step by step achieved the top of fame and become “the youngest judge in Cannes” due to her outstanding beauty and tireless efforts.

During the days of the Cannes Film Festival 2019, many beauties around the world have slammed into the red carpet. Among them, a brightening and pretty princess appeared, Elle Fanning, the youngest judge in Cannes.

Jury Member Elle Fanning Cannes 2019
Jury member Elle Fanning in Cannes Film Festival 2019.

Sitting in the powerful chair when just turning to be 21, the actress has met a controversy wave from many sides. Nevertheless, who has looked for Elle Fanning or 19 years along with her acting career can see that she is extremely worth with this success.

A trek to get off her sister’s shadow

Elle Fanning was born on 4 September 1998, in Georgia, U.S.A. But she and her family moved to cinema heaven, Hollywood so that her sister, Dakota Fanning, has a convenient environment to develop her acting career. When Elle was a child, she was completely inferior to her sister, who was known as one of the most promising talented kid at that time. Elle Fanning stepped into the art path with characters as a kid version of her sister Dakota.

elle fanning
 Elle Fanning in the Oscar-nominated movie "I Am Sam".

In both of her first movies, Elle just played as a theme to brighten her sister. After I Am Sam was released, Dakota Fanning became “golden talent” in Hollywood and was coveted rapturously. For Elle, she was still small and remarked as Dakota Fanning’s younger sister. Both of them often attended some events together with the same costume. Not many people did notice the little girl standing beside small star Dakota.

When she grew up a little, her potential talent started to attract lots of attention from Hollywood directors. At the age of 6, she appeared in Babel which received 7 Oscar nominations in 2007. This was the first step to spiritualize Elle Fanning’s fame.

Elle Fanning

Several years later, Elle Fanning luckily contributed her presence in the famous movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with 2 Hollywood A-class stars Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt. 13-year-old Elle marked her breakthrough in Super 8. From then on, Elle has been more and more superior to her sister Dakota both in appearance and career.

Elle Fanning

Gorgeous and pure beauty like a fairy descended on Earth

From the puberty period, Elle Fanning wore the appearance of a matured girl with sparkle lines. She owed an admirable height of 1m70, devotional face and shining smile. Besides, her beauty of smooth hair, pug-nose, pink and full lips, and musing eyes dressed her like a princess come out from fairy tales.

Elle Fanning

Media and fans consider Elle Fanning as the heir of “Australian swan” Nicole Kidman because of her favorable beauty and talent.

A non-fatalistic princess of Hollywood

The turning point in Elle Fanning’s career had come in 2014 when she incarnated as Princess Aurora in the hit movie Maleficent, alongside to the powerful actress of Hollywood Angelina Jolie. Although this character did not require an excellent acting skill, a charming Aurora has succeeded in attracting deeply millions of audiences.

Elle Fanning
Elle as Aurora in "Maleficent".

Saying goodbye to characters of an innocent and pure princess, Elle Fanning has changed and proved her ability in acting. She once said: “Acting is different from dance. The black-and-whiteness of dancing is mostly about the technical form - like, this is how people have been doing it for millions of years. You can’t let down those ballerinas who died a long time ago”.

Queen of Cannes for several years

The first time appearing in Cannes red carpet in 2016, Elle Fanning immediately became the focal point when sinking in a pure white dress.

Elle Fanning

One year later, the actress’s appearance was a big hit in Film Festival when wearing four different dresses in 4 days, which was called as “precious beauty” of a fairy.

Elle Fanning

In 2019, Elle came back with the role of a judge, which has created lots of arguments. However, Elle confidently replied that she is young at age but not in skill.

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning has gone through her sister’s shadow to stand in Cannes red carpet, which witnesses her journey of effort to be worth being the youngest judge in Cannes.


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