Hollywood Rich Kids: Insane Life Of Star-kids Who Born Into Wealth

Laavanya Hien |Aug 24, 2019

Hollywood celebrity kids are the affluent girls and boys who always face more pressure than anyone. In addition, they almost try to escape expectations as well as the big shadow of their parents and family.

Fame and reputation are things that many people still dream about. However, there is no denying that in order to stand in a position where no one can stand, you must suffer the feeling that no one can stand it. Hollywood celebrity kids are the affluent girls and boys who always face more pressure than anyone.

While friends, who are at the same age as them, are comfortable walking, going to the park, and dating, the children of famous Hollywood stars are always wary of journalists and paparazzi. In addition, they almost try to escape expectations as well as the big shadow of their parents and family.

hollywood celebrity kids

The daily schedule is written by paparazzi’s hands

Once Hollywood celebrity kids became so famous, no one could escape the "paparazzi" hands. Stepping out of the house, it meant that they had to face the scrutiny of paparazzi. From what to do, where to go, how to express, and how to stand out - all come into the lens of the photographers. Many people joked that the media is their assistant, instead of rewriting their schedules every day.

Katie Holmes Suri1
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Suri Cruise - daughter of famous actor Tom Cruise and actor Katie Holmes is one of the victims of the paparazzi. Suri cried loudly when she was pointed at by a series of cameras, and now she chose to run as quickly as possible in places where the lenses were not aimed, or hide her face at her father and mother and use her dolls to shield.

Suri Cruise

Suri is not the only victim. Harper Beckham - who is the youngest daughter of former player David Beckham - is also always under the scrutiny of paparazzi lens. During a shopping trip with her mother, Harper became the focus of the paparazzi.

David Beckham And Daughter

In the face of the reporters' unresponsiveness, Harper showed a "lack of cooperation" attitude. She kept covering her face with her hand and still flirting with mom Victoria. Victoria herself also expressed discomfort with the photographers by pointing towards them to show disagreement about their behavior.

Harper Beckham

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's children are also often bothered about their private lives. Among their 6 children, Pax Thien is famous for having no sympathy for these photo hunting wings. He used to kick his feet many times or point his fingers in frustration towards the paparazzi.

Even with his father's appearance, Pax Thien raised his fist towards the paparazzi expressing his discomfort and threat.

Pax Thien

Obsessed with unrecognized expectations and achievements

Being children of world's famous stars, these Hollywood celebrity kids are always being compared to their parents or siblings. The shadow itself is so big that flashy achievements from the family have caused the children to take on a terrible pressure called expectation.

So, where do these expectations come from? It is from the imagination itself and the illusion are somewhat imposed from the public.

Brooklynbeckham 2019

Brooklyn Beckham - who is David Beckham's son - has repeatedly received harsh criticism that he is useless. As a child, Brooklyn was expected to succeed in his father's sport, becoming England's young football talent.

Since then, he has followed his father to a series of grass fields to get acquainted early. And, "It must be a player no less than his father" - it's the thing that everyone often thinks when mentioning Brooklyn Beckham.

Brooklyn Beckham

A small mistake, but harsh criticism

Because of being the children of a celebrity person, many fans always believe that these boys and girls must be perfect. Therefore, when committing only a small error, they immediately receive a load of harsh criticism.

Brooklyn Beckham

It's still Brooklyn, the oldest boy of Beckham. He was always the focal point of all attention, so he was repeatedly condemned by public opinion. During one sharing of a happy picture with Harper's sister, both of them were preparing to make pizza together.

Many people believe that Brooklyn is a person who likes to show off her wealthy life. He was using his sister's image to regain his simple image.

560386 Brooklyn Beckham Gettyimages 643833794
Photo: dnaindia.com

More than that, many people firmly assert that the children of former player Beckham and famous designer Victoria will become spoiled because they are acquainted with the rich life and the reputation of their parents from a young age.


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