Taylor Swift Ends Up Her Feud With Katy Perry As They Join In “You Need To Calm Down” MV

Nalini Suri |Jun 18, 2019

The feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry has been a hot issue for several years and recently, Taylor revealed that it went to the end last year.

Taylor Swift has shared comfortably that she and Katy Perry ended up all their feud from last year and they have gone on a "really good terms" relationship.

taylor swift and katy perry together

About the feud, it started in 2012 and day by day became a topic through the legend of the music industry. Nearby on Taylor Swift’s latest music video, the pair shocked their fans with their appearance in You Need To Calm Down MV.

Talking about the ongoing feud, Taylor Swift shared on Capital FM’s Capital Breakfast spilled the beans that they solved the problems and patch up last year as Katy Perry reached her at the beginning of her Reputation stadium tour.

When being asked about Katy’s cameo in Taylor’s music video, the 29-year-old singer replied:


taylor swift and katy perry together

Taylor Swift continued:


taylor swift and katy perry

In the video, Katy appeared in a giant hamburger outfit to match the French fries outfit of Taylor.

taylor swift and katy perry together

Thanks to the peace, we can see a nice and talented pair of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Even they are not sure about this relationship but after a 6-year feud, the better they created has satisfied their fans because now, they have got a new friend.


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