Stan Lee's Daughter Lambasted Marvel For Not Paying The Legend Enough Respect

Salena Harshini |Aug 28, 2019

Daughter of Stan Lee, Joan Celia Lee called Disney and Marvel on the carpet for disrespecting her late father.

Daughter of the legendary comic writer Stan Lee has recently criticized Marvel and Disney for lacking respect towards her late father. The writer-producer passed away in November last year and his death left every fan in sorrow.

In a TMZ interview, Joan Celia Lee stated that nobody from the two company and studio ever connected to her after post her father was gone. She said,

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Lee went on,

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Stan Lee 2

Stan Lee’s reputation was affixed with his incredible Marvel work and his image has been even more vivid and amicable when he made a lot of interesting cameos in the movie. Post his death, Marvel Studios paid tribute to him by making special opening credits in Captain Marvel. He appeared in place of every superhero in the entrance.

The mentioned film was the first film of MCU to be published when he had passed away. Also, Avengers: Endgame was a Lee dedication and when the re-release was out, there was another tribute video for him, too.

When the news of his death came around, many actors expressed their condolences via the Internet and Kevin Feige, president of Marvel, was one of them.

Meanwhile, Stan Lee’s daughter indicated that giving him appearances as a cameo in the movies was not enough. Somebody that pays true respects to his legacy should be the one in charge.

Mentioning the event of Spider-Man being wiped out from the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe, she detailed,

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Also, she added,

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Stan Lee
He made many cameos in MCU films.

Over the last decade, the movies of MCU which are adapted from Lee’s creation have thrived to gross more than $26 billion on the global scale. The attainment makes it the history’s highest-earning movie franchise.


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