Sophie Turner Literally Got Banned From Washing Her Hair While Filming "Game Of Thrones"

Bindhiya Nhi |Jan 18, 2019

Sophie Turner was not allowed to wash her hair while filming Game Of Thrones. She thought it was disgusting and revealed the reason why she had to do that.

HBO has given an announcement saying that the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will premiere on April 14, 2019. After the news released, fans cannot hide their excitement as they are waiting to see what the show will reveal after many events have happened in the previous season. Most important, they also want to Besides whether Jon Snow, Sansa and the rest can deal with the White Walkers or not. Meanwhile, Sophie Turner who portraits the role of Sansa had shared several exciting stories while filming for the show in a recent interview. The most shocking thing is that Sophie was not allowed to wash her hair for the first few seasons of GOT.
Sophie explained the situation and the reason why she could not wash her hair in the show.
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The actress also revealed that many other actors had to do the same thing. When being asked about the itchy feelings, she completely agreed.
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For Sophie, that was very disgusting! Luckily, the beauty did not have to put up with the itchy hair for any longer. She revealed that she was allowed to wear a wig in recent seasons of  Game of Thrones, which means that she could wash her hair anytime she wanted.
Game Of Thrones Sophie Turner On Sansa Starks Dark
In addition, Sophie Turner described each of her hairstyle in the show was related to each event or other characters. In the first few episodes, she was Northerner so she braided her hair and let it fall down at the back. Later, she had the Queen's hairstyle when Sansa reached King's Landing. Her hair was black during Littlefinger days. Sansa was back with her mother's hairstyle and colour when she came back to Winterfell.
Sophie also revealed a little bit about Sansa's fate in the final season.
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According to Sophie, Sansa is becoming the leader rather than being led by anyone. This time, her character will be the influencer and fans cannot wait to see Sophie's excellent performance in the latest season of GOT.


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