All Rumours About The Avengers 4 We Have Known So Far

DungCNT |Oct 21, 2018

Avengers 4 will be the last film in the Avengers series to wrap up the storyline of Thanos.

After the success of three previous parts, blockbuster Avengers 4 has made the audience and fans of this film feel so excited to wait for its coming. The fourth movie will be the last chapter in the Avengers series to end up the storyline of Thanos.

In Infinity War, the end comes as a terrible blow to fans. With a left-handed infinity gauntlet, Thanos wiped out half of the universe’s life in order to restore the balance. Also, half of the superheroes could not escape from tragic death, including those appearing in the first season.

However, in upcoming Avengers 4, the fans are expecting the superheroes will return to life. Director Joe and Anthony Russo, have revealed some movie’s hints on social networking accounts, which has made fans curious about the next film. Also, actors act as if they would drop a hint of the title.

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Trailer Description od Avengers 4

What special events will be included in Avengers 4?

About the upcoming film, the audience could hardly know anything since Marvel still keeps plot detail under wrap. All we have known and seen so far like posters, short clips or photos are just creative productions from fans, from artists or just leaked information. Avengers 4's title is also mysterious. Therefore, many fans believe that one of the first things Marvel will let us know is the title.

So what movie buff can expect from the last part of the series? Without no doubt, the superheroes will keep their fight alive against Thanos and snatch victory from the jaw of defeat. Besides, there is one existing fact that there are no “assistants” along with Captain America, Thor or Iron Man, the core superheroes. Reportedly, Captain Marvel will also take part in the fight against the villain. She will come with her understanding of the universe, aliens, and space travel. It is said that she will become the Avengers’ leader once the old bodyguard retires. Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, said that Captain Marvel is the most powerful character in the MCU.

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Can Thanos be killed in the next chapter?

Previously, Ant Man and Hawkeye didn’t lend their presence to Avengers Infinity War, but they will make a dramatic comeback. In the set photos posted by Paul Rudd on his social media, Hawkeye was spotted on the set of Avenger 4.

Who will die?

Regarding the next franchise, the audiences anticipate that main characters like Iron Man, Thor will retire and lead their lives as a civilian. This is because the contracts between Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, and other actors and Marvel Studios expire. Meanwhile, Black Panther, Spider Man, Captain Marvel or Doctor Strange will take the mission.

Will the dead characters be alive again? Maybe. Spider Man: Far From Home schedules to be released right after Avengers 4. Following will be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 and Doctor Strange.

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