Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Identifies Cardi B In Drug Trafficking And Rape Gang In Court

Mina Muzumdar |Sep 21, 2019

On the third day in Manhattan federal court, Tekashi 6ix9ine listed Cardi B in the famous US gang street group which is well-known for drug dealing, rape crime... Read details!

Yesterday, standing at Manhattan federal court, rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine made a shocking revelation as he identified Cardi B and Jim Jones in American street gang Blood.

Reportedly, Tekashi 6ix9ine whose real name David Hernandez appeared before the court as testifier against two members in Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

Rapper Cardi B

Tekashi Snitched On Fellow Rapper Casanova As A Bl
Tekashi snitched on fellow rapper Casanova as a member of Bloods

Apart from that, he also snitched on other members who are now in the name-checking process as Bloods crew such as Cardi B, Jim Jones, and rapper Casanova. Those are listed off according to him has directly involved the gang's activities. Furthermore, he said that some of Bloods members did appear in Cardi B's MV as bystanders.

"I knew who she was. I didn't pay attention," Tekashi 6ix9nine pointed his finger toward Girls Like You rapper.

Rapper Takeshi

Notably, the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist also hinted that she was one of Bloods member in an interview with GQ, said:

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However, in response to Tekashi's serious accusation, Cardi B's spokesperson has vehemently denied the gang ties, said: "This is not true".


After that, Cardi B also took to her social media claimed that she didn't run with the same group with Tekashi, but she was in Brims which is also another group of Bloods. Though the post was deleted immediately as she realized she left disparaging remarks, citizens had quickly screenshot her post.


Lately, the 26-year-old rapper again took to Instagram explained:

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Bloods is a long-standing street gang in America which is popularly known for drug dealers, burglary, prostitution, theft, extortion... Both Nine Trey and Brims are the sub-groups of Bloods.


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