Rapper Pop Smoke Gunned Down In His $2.5m Hollywood Hills Home Due To Social Post

Hanima Anand |Feb 20, 2020

The emerging New York talented rapper Pop Smoke was killed early yesterday at his Hollywood Hills home. The police are still investigating the motive of this fatal attack.

According to the latest reports, the murderer wore a mask and went with a group of people, burst into his luxury villa on Hollywood Hills. Pop Smoke was killed brutally with fatal gunshot while no others were injured.

Pop Smoke
Rapper Pop Smoke is a rising star with huge potentials.

20-year-old rapper targeted by Los Angeles assailants

In the early morning Wednesday, around 5 a.m, Los Angeles Police Department received a call reporting that several people had entered the house of his friend. When police officers arrived at the posh house which is worth $2.5 million (~ Rs. 18 crores), the rapper was badly wounded with gunshot.

Pop Smoke House
Pop Smoke rented house on Hollywood Hills is worth $2.5 million.

He was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital.

Pop Smoke is just 20 years old; his full name is Bashar Barakah Jackson. He is a rising New York rapper and living in the rented Hollywood Hills home in Los Angeles. He has just released his second mixtape “Meet the Woo 2” which gained Number 7 in Billboard Top 200. His very first mixtape “Meet the Woo” was a hit last year with 280 million streams in the world.

Los Angeles police shared that in recent years, musicians’ places are often targets of home invasion and this time, Pop Smoke’s house is probably targeted by assailants.

Police Investigating Pop Smoke Death
The police suspect the murderer is a gang member.

Don’t post your house address on social media!

According to investigators, the rapper had posted a picture with his home address on a social account, which might hint the assailant of his location.

In the photo, Pop Smoke has captured himself getting a haircut as well as posing in the backyard of his home. He also posted picture of Los Angeles skyline from his living place.

Pop Smoke Picture Of House
A picture of Pop Smoke in his house was posted on Tuesday.

The police department is exploiting more from security cameras nearby to search for a getaway car. Some people inside the house when the incident occurred had been detained but then later released. According to the detectors, at least 4 suspects had fled the scene before the authorities arrived.

A lot of fans and celebrities express their grief on social media over the unfortunate rapper’s death.

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