Putting 7 Famous Jokers On A Scale: Heath Ledger Took The Role To The Climax

Harshini |Sep 26, 2019

While waiting for the release of Joaquin Phoenix's film, let's take a look back at all the most impressive Jokers of all time.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has recently won the honorable Venice Golden Lion awards this year. However, there are mixed opinions on the quality of the film and the actor's acting.


So before getting to enjoy this special movie, let's have a little review on the impressive Jokers that ever appeared on the screens.

7. Jared Leto (Suicide Squad)

In order to actually tangle with his character, actor-singer Jared Leto opted to perform method-acting. He sent to his co-actors corpses of animals, even used condoms.


His coarse act has created a rather bizarre performance because Leto seems to be trying to portray a villain clown the way Heath Ledger has shown in The Dark Knight, and to be the discussion topic of the public.

Cringey and absurd, the Joker of Leto wasn't very popular with the audience. Even the Suicide Squad's script didn't really favor him, either.

6. Zach Galifianakis (LEGO Batman)

Joker 1

Believe it or not, an adorable and funny person like Between Two FernsZach Galifianakis took on the role of psychopath Joker.

Well, as a dubbing actor, he totally has the ability. Galifianakis brought his clown adroitness from Baskets to LEGO Batman animated film in a surprisingly interesting way.

Despite not owning as much cruelty as other Joker roles on this list, Zach's Joker is still memorable for the bizarreness of the actor himself.

5. Cameron Monaghan (Gotham)


The famed TV series of Fox Warner Bros. is an appealing prequel to the life of Bruce Wayne behind the Batman mask. It took approximately five seasons of the drama show as to reveal the series' true Joker.

In the final episode, the audience finally knew who the Joker is. It was performed by young actor Cameron Monaghan with a staggering pale face, looking like Frankenstein monster.


Unlike most parts of the show, Gotham tells the story of the Joker and it is quite close to the original comic. And when Jeremiah Valeska falls into the acid tanks of Ace Chemicals, his transformation has some serious vibes of Tim Burton.

Monaghan has done a good job playing his Joker, although there isn't too much screen time for this role.

4. Cesar Romero (Batman TV Series)

Romero's portrayal as the criminal Clown Prince is probably the most controversy-provoking one of the list. Although actors like Jared Leto and Heath Ledger both gave out the crazy and rebellious personality of Joker, Romero created a Joker that has turned into a contentious topic to this day. Like the entire 1960s Batman television series, Romero's role is silly and goofy.

Cesar Romero Batman Tv Series

A number of long-time fans still think this is the definition of Joker: a weird, slightly scary and very strange person. Others thought that this role was way too cartoonish. In your opinion, whether the Joker should be cranky or silly, it is an undeniable fact that Cesar Romero has created a long-time huge mark on the character.

Fun fact: Romero does not agree to shave when acting, so pay close attention and you can tell his mustache has gone through some makeup to have white color. This is just as insane as Joker.

3. Jack Nicholson (Tim Burton Batman)

Jack Nicholson Tim Burton Batman

The role which revived Nicholson's reputation is as well widely considered one of the most distinguished performances of all time. Nicholson balanced the delicacy of Romero with the dark origin of the character in a perfect way.

Aided by the ghostly aesthetic Burton, with a musical theme that combines both Prince and Danny Elfman, Nicholson's Joker movie became a film legend. The best thing about Nicholson is that it's 100% of Nicholson.

Jack Nicholson Tim Burton Batman 1

He understood the image of himself and brought it into Burton's 1989 film Batman. Along with director Michael Keaton, the movie has helped to revitalize the making of an adaptation out of the comic book, laying the foundations for the latest golden era we are experiencing today.

2. Mark Hamill (Batman Animated Series)

Hamill's Joker is probably less popular to the general audience. But for many Batman fans, his astute, cunning voice acting, like the hyenas for the characters in the Batman Animation movie, is the guide for the today Jokers.

Mark Hamill

Although most of the audience remembers Hamill as Luke Skywalker, the acclaimed Star Wars actor also has bagged a lot of impressive voice acting experience.

Co-starring with Kevin Conroy, as Batman, Mark Hamill created a sophisticated Joker clown, especially when the series introduced intricate and intriguing famous characters Harley Quinn, who had a complicated relationship with Joker. She is an abuse and mind control's tragic victim.


With Quinn by his side, Joker of Hamill got to be much more hysterical, with countless stresses and extreme terror. Although the audience may not ever see Mark Hamill as the live-action Joker, the voice of the seasoned actor will be tagged with this clown for good.

1. Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)


Christopher Nolan did bring Batman into a new era. His trio of The Dark Knights changed the game for the hero, turning the ghost of the Burton era into a much more terrifying and realistic world of America after 9-11.

In line with the style of Nolan, and Gotham City that is haunted with terror, the perfect embodiment of chaos, is Joker of Heath Ledger. Unlike that of Nicholson and Romero, Ledger's Joker is really chaotic. The actor searched for rare materials from A Clockwork Orange, Tom Waits, as well as texts taken from old comic books to understand the character.

Heath Ledger

With the virtuous legacy of actor Heath Ledger, the Joker had a tragic ending that we still mourn until today. Ledger passed away before The Dark Knight hit the theatre. He bagged a posthumous Oscar award and became one of the greatest grief of Tinseltown.

The span of his career clearly displays that the actor could go even further. His acting in The Dark Knight was so great that it became the monument of The Joker.

Joker 2

Until here, Joker starring actor Joaquin Phoenix will be brought to the audience. With more than 8 consecutive minutes of applause at the film festival, Joker is one of the most awaited movies in the second half of 2019.


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