Paris Jackson To Deny Her Role Of Defending For Her Father Michael Jackson

Priyansh Ha |Mar 18, 2019

How can she say anything about the case that happened before she was born?

The controversy around HBO’s documentary Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me seems not to be settled down soon. Lately, Michael Jackson’s eldest child Paris Jackson has broken her silence, saying it’s not her role to fight for her father.


Replying a Tweet which inquired her repose to the allegation, the model wrote:

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Meanwhile, Michael's brother Taj Jackson has put up a campaign against the controversial documentary. He is also raising funds for a film to clear the name of his brother.

Paris continued saying she wanted everyone to calm down and to think about a “bigger picture.”

She Should Not Get Involved Into The Mess

In response to Paris’s tweet, fans support the points, agreeing that it’s inessential for her to get involved in the mess. Most of them also said that it’s unfair to take a toll on the young girl for the things her late father did many years ago.

While a fan empathetically wrote that she wasn’t even born at that time, others had the same idea thinking it’s understandable for her to be silent as she doesn’t know anything about it.

Earlier, Paris has said that people should go “chillax” or "smoke some weed" instead of riling up over the allegations.

Jackson previously denied all the allegations around child sexual abuse when he was alive. He was announced to be unguilty of child molestation charge in the 2005-2005 court. However, after the release of Leaving Neverland, many radio stations have removed his music from all of their playlist.


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