Oops Moments Of Hollywood Actress That Worth Hundreds Of Facepalms

Salena Harshini |Feb 15, 2020

These oops moments Of Hollywood actresses remain embarrassing and painful just like when they first got viral. Check out the most cringe-making moments here!

Celebrities are just like us as with all seriousness, sometimes they also got caught in embarrassing and awkward moments. But the biggest disparity is theirs are caught on camera much more often, and these oops moments of Hollywood actress are the example.

Be it when they were doing a broadcasting show, going to receive an award or walking the red carpets, everybody found out when they messed up. Well, the certain thing is we have been entertained in quite some surprising ways.

Check out the most embarrassing moments of Hollywood actresses here:

1. Selena Gomez oops moment – Pant Slip

Selena Gomez arrived at Paris Fashion Week in a stunning black gown but then suffered a wardrobe mistake due to the high slit detail.

She gave the paps a little too much compared to what she planned.

When the singer left the hotel, her side slit came in the middle os her legs as she put her hands in the pocket and this led to a little flash of her private part.

2. Lateysha Grace oops moment – Twerking Gone Wrong

Lateysha is a singer and TV star, and she had an infamous incident which is considered one of the most awkward yet best oops moments. She was making an appearance on Big Brother’s UK edition when the host asked her what real twerking was.

Unfortunately for Lateysha, her twerking performance went wrong as her denim dress split open, making her bottom and underpants visible for all!

We hate to say it but this one was quite hilarious!

3. Janet Jackson oops moment – Chest Exposed

Talking about the historic wardrobe malfunction, we can’t help mentioning Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s incident at the 2004 Super Bowl.

At the end of their performance, Timberlake accidentally pulled a part of Jackson’s outfit off, showing her right breast.

It's an iconic and face-palming moment

4. Bella Hadid oops moment – Forgot Her Underwear

The Victoria’s Secret model bore it out in Cannes where she showed up wearing a feline red gown with a very plunging neckline and an extremely high slit.

While the bareback and the low neckline flashed a small hint of her side-breasts, the high slit got her lady part on a full display and it seemed like she was not wearing underwear.

Bella Hadid is a lingerie model yet she once forgot wearing one on an event.
And that's not the first time she has wardrobe malfunction.

5. Jennifer Lawrence oops moment – Tripped On Oscars Stage

Being one of the highest actresses yet J.Law is also the America clumsy angel. She showed her clumsiness time after time and among those times there was once she fell off at the Academy Awards. Oops!

When Lawrence was announced as the Best Actress winner, she went towards the stage to get her award but accidentally tripped and fell flat on the stairs.

She then gracefully stood up and got the award she deserved.

6. Chrissy Teigen oops moment – Lady Part Exposed

She flashed a little too much to the audience and the paps with her dangerously long slit dress at the American Music Awards 2016. The dress ended up showing more than only the entire side of her thighs and the slits then had to be held by two huge safety pins.

The slits were so high that she faced a massive wardrobe malfunction.

7. Khloe Kardashian oops moment – Anti-flash Confirmed

Khloe Kardashian underwent a serious case of wearing a dress that isn’t anti-paparazzi. With camera lights flashing all over, her nips got on full display when she arrived for her then-boyfriend French Montana’s birthday.

Flash light is not a friend.

8. Sofia Vergara oops moment – Ripped Dress At The Emmy

This is the case where wardrobe malfunction goes extremely nuclear. Sofia Vergara was attending the 2012 Emmy Awards when the back of her dress slit down, unveiling her whole bum to the paps. This incident was also brought back alive as a hilarious joke on The Ellen Show.

It was just painfully embarrassing for her.

9. Katy Perry oops moment – Fell On Frosting!

Katy Perry was performing on a huge pink-frosted cake when she dived into it and could not get up. Trying to stand up, she immediately fell on her face due to the slippering icing beneath her. It was not one but FOUR times that she struggled to get up and kept tripping. She just crawled off the stage in the end.

The good thing though, was that she had a pretty smile on her face during the whole incident.


To be honest, the prop was a stupid idea.

10. Madonna oops moment – Caught Cape

Being a professional performer on stage yet she got quite a shock during her performance at BRIT awards 2015. Her Armani cape was rip off by a dancer and instead of falling off like the first plan, she was pulled backward. She did not let that phase her and got up immediately to continue performing.

One of the most embarrassing yet best oops moments of Hollywood.

11. Ariana Grande oops moment  - The Donut

Back in 2015, Arina Grande and her ex Ricky Alvarez came in a donut shop where they were seen licking some desserts om the tray. Even more impolite than that, Grande cursed on the dessert, saying: “I hate Americans. I hate America. That is disgusting.”

The security vid from the store went viral right when it came online and she had to apologize for her saying.
On the stage, her short skirts are the troublemakers.

12. Whoopi Goldberg oops moment – Let Out A Toot

On the shooting for The View, she stunned everybody with her letting one rip. The women there were stunned and left in splits after the incident and Whoopi Goldberg blamed that on her “breakfast burrito”.

The passing gas incident happened again on a different show and she then said it was because of her “flu shot”.

Whoopi Goldberg reaction after passing winds in the show

13. Taylor Swift oops moment - Marilyn Monroe Moment

We have witnessed numerous times when the wind effect goes wrong. Among those occasions is when Taylor Swift was in a performance of her concert and a wind gust totally caught the singer off guard.

Her skirt was flying up which exposed her modesty.
Can you spot what's wrong with this almost perfect moment?

14. Emma Stone oops moment - Panty Laid Bare

On the Oscars red carpet in 2015, Emma Stone accidentally revealed her underwear whilst adjusting her gown.

Fortunately, it was a brief second and the actress went right back to being perfect.

15. Kim Kardashian oops moment – Ripped Dress

Kim deliberately showed off her famous hourglass figure with a tight pink latex skirt. Kanye West could not take his eyes off his wife in such a tight dress. However, because of her hot tush, the skirt could not stand it and ripped at some point.

The dress could not stand Kim Kardashian's immense cramming. Details of the skirt only reveal a podium clearly.

The ripped detail was very obvious.
With her figure and style, no one can surpass Kim in terms of oops moments.

16. Miley Cyrus oops moment – Partial Nip Slip

The diva can be seen fooling around at a windy airport. While she was dancing to a song, the wind lifted her crop-top off, showing a part of her breast. She instantly squealed while stashing herself away.

17. Elizabeth Olson oops moment – Windswept

To this extent, we can agree that wind is not a friend to celebs. Elizabeth Olsen was stunned when a small gust almost made her skirt fly and revealed her private part. However, she managed to catch her skirt and held it down.

This was yet another Marilyn Monroe moment.

18. Ashley Tisdale oops moment – Transparent Outfit

The High School Musical actress’s experience with the sheer black top in 2016 was not very pleasant. She put on an all-black outfit paied with a leather jacket and a choker. However, she failed to look edgy as the paps’ flashes did her dirty as her nipple covers got too transparent.

Here goes one of the malfunction oops moments of Hollywood actress

19. Fergie oops moment – Wet Her Pants On Stage

Fergie came across the biggest nightmare happened to her on a show in 2005. As she ran late for the show, she did not have the time to take a leash and that led to a face-palming result that Fergie took a leak right on stage, in front of the crowd with their cameras.

Such a horror!

20. Olivia Holt oops moment – Face On The Ground, Literally

The pretty girl went through an awkward moment at Central Park, New York when she tried to move forward taking a photo but slipped and had a bad fall instead. What made it so bad was that she did not fall on her butt, but on her stomach.

It was a flat-on-the-face tumble, ouchie!

Above are the oops moments of Hollywood actress that went crazy viral when they were first brought out to the world. These accidents prove they should be more careful with any possible malfunction before the buzz and the audience. And well, it depends on their luck too.

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