Normal Moments Of Celebs To Prove That Stars Are Just Like Us

Leela Adwani |Jul 25, 2020

To fulfill your curiosity, we have rounded up some normal moments of celebrities in their daily life.

It goes without saying that most of us love seeing our go-to celebrities’ glamorous looks at star-studded events or award shows. However, we are also keen on seeing them do normal things like us. Be it walking the dogs, shopping at the supermarkets, or doing the household chores, stars doing their daily tasks makes them much more relatable to the public. Stars, they are just like us and our lives are not far cry from theirs after all.

To fulfill your curiosity, we have rounded up some normal moments of celebrities in their daily life.

Walk the dog

Walking the dog is perhaps everyone’s favorite and so celebrities are. It’s an ideal time to play with our pets outdoor and also the best way to relieve anxiety while taking a stroll. Pictures below are the case in point.

Adam Sandler walks with favorite bulldog

The Murder Mystery actor along with his bulldog friend can be seen going for a stroll on the beach of Malibu on June 16.

Strolling with their dogs turns out to be a new ritual of the couple despite the ongoing pandemic

“Batman” Ben Affleck and his rumored girlfriend Ana de Armas are also frequently spotted walking their dogs around the Brentwood neighborhood.


Doing yoga is one of the most-loved practices of a lot of celebrities, especially female ones.

Everyone loves stretching, so does Halle

The picture shows the John Wick 3 actress Halle Berry using a yoga wheel on her muscles while soaking up the sun in her garden.

Beach time

There is plenty of activities to play on the beach but the hot Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio chooses to show her paddleboard skill while in Los Angeles. It seems like she had a whale of a time despite the lockdown.

Paddleboarding is the go-to activity of many people


Who can survive without drinking water and this picture surely can’t make you find more relatable. The English singer Gavin Rossdale can be seen chugging some water during his tennis sets break.

Water, water, water, everyone needs water to survive

Take the trash out!

The tight working schedule prevents many stars from doing daily housework tasks but during the quarantine, they have more time to do it. Taking the trash out is perhaps the task that everyone might do at least one time and this is also one of the normal moments of celebs.

Kristen Stewart and Selena Gomez

Doing housework sometimes turns out to be a nightmare for many and if you still think it’s a demanding job, think twice.

Check the phone

The phone is a must-have item in everyone’s bag and just like us, celebrities like model Kendall Jenner also live a bit of screen time in the public.

What are you looking for on your phone?

Cooking time

What can more normal than preparing delicious meals for our near and dear ones. The picture shows Amber Heard focusing on cooking in her kitchen.

Amber Heard is preparing the meal for her loved ones

Hope you find some good time after reading our articles about normal moments of celebs!

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