New Avengers 4 Theory: Tony Stark Turns To Dark Side?

Mina Muzumdar |Sep 09, 2018

Until now, the slot is still under wraps and keeping as top secret until the final season release next year. While rumours about Iron Man’s “absolutely death” are spreading around, here are Avengers 4 theory that contrry to previous statements.

The talented director of a successful film series: The Avengers, Russo brothers are very well-known for misleading their fans with a clever trick. Once, they gave actors fake scenario, the other time Joe Russo admitted trailer was a tricky trap offered to Avenger’s fans.

Until now, the slot is still under wraps and keeping as top secret until the final season release next year. This could make the audience stay eagerly awaiting for the upcoming of Avengers 4. While rumors about Iron Man’s “absolutely death” are spreading around, here are Avengers 4 theories contrary to previous statements.

Tony Stark turns to dark side?

In 2008, Marvel Studios introduced to the world the first superhero film, a project that was rated as "sink or swim” called Iron Man. The movie, then, made a big hit and Iron Man became one of the most popular characters. However, as time passed, Iron Man gradually reveals many aspects of personality, become a top complexity superhero character.


Tony Stark's downsides

Selfish, arrogant, domineering, self-deprecating ... and his dark-side presented by Ultron's artificial intelligence. Somehow, Tony Stark even fully incorporates the features of a villain. In fact, Tony Stark originally appeared on Stan Lee's comic pages as the embodiment of a wealthy billionaire.

He gets rich by inventing and sale of weapons, including the deadly weapons of war in many countries. Previously, the Scarlet Witch – Quicksilver once questioned Tony Stark about the death of their parents and others innocent civilians who were killed by Stark weapons. Nvsk Avengers Infinity Cai Ket 1 On top of that, Ultron was invented which Tony Stark expects to "protect" the world in a more comprehensive and faster way than the Avengers become. Nevertheless, Ultron went beyond Tony Stark's control and caused a catastrophe in Sokovia.

Unlike Captain America's consistency, last episode, Iron Man exposed his psychological instability quite a lot of time.  If Steve Rogers had been faithful to his own "could fight and draw back when needed" then Tony Stark was always in trouble controlling his emotions.

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Tony Stark connection with Thanos

The horrible nightmare that Scarlet Witch shows to Iron Man is that his friends are killed by his faults. That dream was truly haunted Iron man as it reflects his inner fear. Hence, it is impossible to exclude the possibility that Tony Stark, with his complex of thinking, may stand in the dark side.

Another point is that, some way, Thanos recognized Tony Stark immediately during his first encounter on Titan at Avengers: Infinity War.


Director Joe Russo also shared that Tony Stark and Thanos had a definite link to Iron Man. Does that link come from seeing the future of a chaotic universe?

On the other hand, actress Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that Pepper Potts will have children with billionaire Tony Stark in next episode. Interestingly, this may overturn the whole theory and lead to a completely different situation.

Anyway, no matter how the plot goes, it is clear that billionaire Tony Stark is still the lead character in the Avengers 4.

 Thanos's regret leads the next episode

In Avenger: Infinity War, after snapping his finger Thanos was lost in the spirit world. Here, Thanos reunited with his daughter Gamora. She asked him how much he had paid to accomplish his terrible goal. Thanos bitterly replied: "Everything".

And this could be a costly detail that reveals the future of the end of mad Titan. Photo 1 15330968904771669982379

Not only the Gauntlet was broken, but Thanos's left hand was also severely injured. If you are a loyal fan of the Marvel Universe, you probably will not spend too much time recognizing this detail.

Obviously, the author has very ingeniously incorporated it into the scenes at the end. Therefore, this is an opportunity for superheroes to gather, formulate a plan and reverse the game.

The most likely hypothesis: Travelling back in time

Ant-man and the wasp have revealed many important details related to the Avengers 4. One of the most likely possibility is that the Ant-man reunited Iron Man in the past and from there they form an idea of bringing back themselves to the past to change what has happened.

Avengers 4 759
Avengers 4 backstage photo

Based on the leaked backstage photos, Captain America could be the one who embarks on this ship to traveling back in time with Iron man. At the present time, thanks to Time Stone's abnormalities, Thanos notices that somebody is trying to change the timeline.

After knowing this, Thanos in the past appears and fights with the super-hero group who try to collect the stones. This detail proved to be quite logical and follows the storyline circuit in the previous sections.

Long ago, in the previous episode, our superheroes are fictitious or predicted about the genocide disaster to come. Getting back to the past may the superheroes have collected enough six stones and allied themselves to destroy Thanos. The war was tough but they won the war and the catastrophic destruction of the universe would not happen.

All this happen was in Doctor Strange’s plan

Throughout the length of the Infinity War, Doctor Strange constantly reminds him that if the situation falls into disrepute, he would have to sacrifice the lives of both Iron Man and Spider-Man to protect Time Stone. However, the witch finally decided to give Time Stone as an exchange for the life of Iron Man in the hands of Thanos.

Many people think that the magical masters of compassion have abandoned the great meaning to protect their lives. However, it seems that the answer really meant the opposite.

Doctor Strange Time Stone One point to remember is that Doctor Strange who owns the power of Time Stone consider 14 million different results. And only 1 in 14,000,000 ability possible, Avengers has won over unbeaten Thanos.

And in order for that to happen, Thanos had to wipe out half of the universe, including Doctor Strange. Meanwhile Tony Stark have to live to gather the remaining superheroes in the last fight.

Besides, there is an ingenious detail may have been overlooked regarding the Soul Stone. Specifically, every time Thanos uses Gauntlet, depending on the situation different stone will shines. But the soul stone never once lit up. This was probably seen by Doctor Strange.

For those who do not know, Soul Stone exists in another dimension called Soul World and in the Infinity War. This makes them believe that the characters sacrificed under Thanos' hands instead of being completely wiped out are simply confined to this world.

It is hypothesized that either survivor can find a way to rescue superheroes trapped in the Soul Stone world. Or superheroes including the Black Partner will find their way out and fight against the weakened Thanos.

Captain Marvel confirmed a role in Avengers 4

Captain Marvel Trailer Release Date 1007605 It is impossible not to mention the arrival of Captain Marvel, the superhero who is supposed to be the only one who has the power to use infinity gloves.

The fact that Fury's distress call was framed as the Avengers' last hope for defeated Thanos that she will play a pivotal role in the events to come - and after the Titan wiped out so many of them, the world is sorely in need of new heroes.

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