Avengers 4 - Tony Stark to make worst possible sacrifice?

Author |Sep 12, 2018

A new fan's theory of Avengers 4 suggests Iron Man will make a sacrifice that will rip your heart out, and how they can reverse that Infinity War ending.

All huge things request a loss as does the next Avengers 4 film. One new fan's theory recommends that one of our beloved superheroes in this flim must make a loss so vicious. And because of that, it'll let many fans crying for days.


In Avengers: Infinity War, devil Thanos grabs his fingers and zaps the superheroes and the universe’s population in half. After that, the remaining superheroes will be in outrageous need of a wonder. The previous theories have recommended that time journey will actually play an important part in bringing the superheroes back to their life. Meanwhile, a new theory discloses how it'll also arrive at a great price.

Redditor Pluralizes just posted a theory. He said that in order to bring his colleagues and his friends back, Tony Stark will must make the most frightening loss of them all. And several fan theories have already suggested that some years would have gone by between Infinity War and Avengers 4. The grey hair of Robert Downey Jr and the longer hair of Scarlett Johansson from sets images hint at it pretty strongly.

In all the years that has gone by, Pepper Potts and Tony Stark have tied the knot and given birth to a son. Later then, Ant Man comes in their lives. Ant Man gives them a method to turn the time back and also bring the late superheroes back. But as soon as Tony is absolutely close to his destination, they says that bringing his friend back would disorder his own chronology. It means that he could never meet his son again.

One comment below this post even pours much more salt in the wound. The comment says that Tony Stark would give the name Peter to his son in honor of Spider-Man (Peter Parker). It was Spider-Man who died in Tony's arms at Infinity War's end. He wrote in his comment: “Damn it! They’re even going to give the name “Peter” to their son. He must lose Peter twice”. Could Marvel be cold-hearted enough to really do that?

Avengers 4 is recently undergoing a last round of shooting. The movie will release sometime in May 2019.


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