Natalie Portman Makes An Apology For Deeply Hurting Jessica Simpson’s Feeling

Kareena Kusari |Dec 12, 2018

Natalie Portman just unintentionally shamed Jessica Simpson and sent her sincere apology to the singer for her mistake.

Natalie Portman And Jessica Simpson
The singer Jessica Simpson (left) and the actress Natalie Portman (right)

The actress with dual Israeli and American nationalities, Natalie Portman, sent her apology for her mistake to Jessica Simpson.

In a recent interview, Natalie gave her opinions on the issue of the women's sexualization and mentioned Jessica Simpson as an example. This statement hurt the female singer’s reputation. Specifically, the new movie Vox Lux’s main actress recalled Jessica’s bikini cover shoots to mean that the mass media frequently show the women’s sexy images publicly.

In the interview, Natalie stated that as a teenager, she caught Jessica Simpson’s sexy picture on a magazine cover. In the photograph, Jessica wore a bathing suit and made a statement: “I’m a virgin.” These words made Natalie confused. She wondered if Jessica’s expression is “as a woman” or “as a girl,” she shared in the USA Today’s interview.

Jessica Simpson felt disappointed about Natalie Portman's statement

Later, Jessica responded to Portman’s statement via the social media and confided that she was upset about the actress’s comment.

In her post, the songstress wrote: “I was disappointed this morning when I read that I ‘confused’ you by wearing a bikini in a published photo taken of me when I was still a virgin in 1999.” She said when stepping into the showbiz and becoming “public figures,” the artists aren’t always absolutely control their images. The entertainment industry usually makes the attempts to “define” the artists and “box” them in. Besides, she “was taught to be myself” and respects the way “women express themselves.” Therefore, in the past or at present, she always believes that the women’s sexy appearance in swimsuits, as well as the pride in their body, don’t mean “having sex.”

The well-known singer also stated that she is always willing to be an example to all females. She wants to help them realize that the women have their own complete freedom to:

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These decisions are at their discretion. Because of this viewpoint, she always respects the other females’ choices.

Additionally, Jessica also highly appreciated the contributions of the actress born in 1981 to women. Natalie positively attends Time's Up campaign as well as has several good activities in the protection for the women's rights. Thus, Jessica “encourages” Natalie “to do the same” as what she has done for women.

Natalie Portman apologized to Jessica Simpson for hurting her feeling

After Jessica's reaction, Natalie also sent her feedback on this problem. In particular, she left her comment on Jessica's Instagram article, expressing her apology for hurting the famous singer. She is in total agreement with Jessica that every female can wear and behave everything in her power without any judgments.

Natalie also explained that it was just her misunderstanding about the public figures’ images as a teenager several years ago. At that time, she, a teenager, was in confusion when seeing the mass media’s messages “about how girls and women were supposed to behave.”

She just unintentionally shamed Jessica and sent her sincere apology to the singer for her mistake. Also, she asserted that “I have nothing but respect for your talent and your voice that you use to encourage and empower women all over the globe.”

Natalie Portman was born in 1981. She is a famous actress possessing an Oscar award for the "Best Actress" in the movie 2010 Black Swan. She has been a supporter of Time's Up campaign, advocating the women’s rights in Hollywood’s workplace.

Jessica Simpson was born in 1980. She is known as a singer, actress, model, and fashion designer. She has launched her own fashion collection since 2006. Also, her incomes have come from the Fashion Star show, an American reality television series.


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