Meryl Streep: The Hidden Key For Her Beautiful 40-Year Love Story

Alia Thao |Oct 30, 2019

With the contribution to the Hollywood film industry and the effort to spread the message of honoring feminism, Meryl Streep deserves to be called the virtuous woman of Hollywood.

Meryl Streep has been record-breaking nominated for 20 Oscars that none of the actors have surpassed. The Devil Wear Prada actress's career has proven that talent can help you create your own position in society.

Besides the formidable career in Hollywood, Meryl Streep acquires public honor as she always fights for gender equality.

The only actress receives 20 Oscar nomination

Meryl is not only famous for his breathtaking looking but also her brilliant acting ability. Born in 1949, when she was only a child Meryl used to study opera. She had sung for some OST like Silkwood, Death becomes her.

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In 1975, she turned 26 years old, however, she still had no impressive role at that time. People hardly know that Meryl Streep once was rejected by a director because she didn't have a beautiful appearance before becoming the "golden lady of Hollywood".

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Many people advised that Meryl should do some plastic surgery, but the actress wanted to keep her natural beauty. Instead of paying more attention to take care of her appearance like other fellows, she put in many attempts for every role. She stated that worrying too much about their appearance is a terrible trap for actresses. She considered the importance of appearance only 6 points, not the trump card. However, Meryl Streep looks surprisingly gorgeous at the age of 70!

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From the role of a wife leaving her family to live for herself in Kramer vs. Kramer, the woman with intense love in Sophie's choice, to the cold editorial in Devil Wears Prada, or the woman in the dilemma of the love triangle with her ex-husband and the new lover in It's complicatedMeryl Streep has done excellent performance. The actress still holds the title of the most-nominated in the history of Oscar until now.

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Family comes first

Hardly any actress in Hollywood can do what Meryl Streep has done when she keeps a good balance between acting career and family. As a result, the actress not only achieved a successful career, but she also owns a happy family with her husband and 4 children at the same time.

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Meryl absolutely knows how to allocate her time to the career as well as family. For example, filming takes on average 4 months and later she can spend the entire 3-4 months with her family before a new movie. All the time she tries to work as hard as possible except for the pregnancy time.

However, her life is not always full of happiness. Before the marriage with the current husband, Meryl Streep met the actor John Cazale when she just moved to New York. In 1976 the couple's engagement ceremony took place, but this happiness didn't last long.

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John Cazale suffered bone marrow cancer. However, Meryl could not stay by her lover's side as she filmed in the movie Holocaust at that time. But they still spent the last days of John's life together.

To ease the sadness and depression when losing the loved, Meryl Streep determinedly focused on her work. Soon the actress met another man and they stay together until this day. Her husband is a sculptor Don Gummer and they have four children. After more than 40-years together, Meryl considers concession and flexibility as the main guarantee of a long and happy marriage. The actress always considered family as her first option, which creates also her secret key to happiness.

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Devotion to fight for gender equality

Meryl Streep, one of Hollywood's most talented and respected actors, has received four honorary doctorates. Three of them come from the world's leading universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. In 2014, Meryl received a Ph.D. of Art from Indiana University in Bloomington due to her filming talent and contributions to the women's rights campaign. Since the early 1980s, Meryl has contributed greatly to university charities to train talented people in art.

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Besides, she also pioneers in fighting for the equality of women. Meryl acts as a spokeswoman for the Museum of Women's History, where she donated $ 1 million earned from The Iron Lady. In addition, Meryl supports LGBT rights, which was awarded the "Ally for Equality Award" by the Human Rights Campain organization.

Moreover, Meryl Streep didn't feel afraid to criticize US President Donald Trump. In a speech at the Golden Globe in 2017, the actress shocked Hollywood by turning the Film Awards into a political "event". Meryl Streep criticized Donald Trump because he mocked the disabled journalist Serge Kovaleski of the New York Times, and also made many comments attacking women and minorities when participating in the election.

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The speech of Meryl Streep has received a lot of support from Hollywood stars such as famous host Ellen DeGeneres, star Sharon Stone, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star Julianne Moore. People admire Meryl Streep and called her an iron lady when telling the truth.

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