Kylie Jenner No-Makeup: The Most 'Normal Person' Look Of Kylie Jenner That You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 22, 2020

The sexy and sassy Kylie turns out to be just a cute ordinary girl in a makeup-free look! Check out hottest photos of Kylie Jenner no-makeup look!

Just like every one of us, Kylie Jenner is spending her quarantine at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus outbreak. The reality star has taken the internet by storm not by her fancy and sizzling pics but with the most candid look you can ever get from her. Last weekend, the 22-year-old makeup artist and billionaire stepped out to pay her friend a visit with NO MAKEUP! Yes, you read it right. And you will not think that it is the hot and sexy Kylie Jenner without reading the caption.

Before hitting the photo, let us remind you how Kylie Jenner ‘normally’ looks:

Kylie Jenner 2 2019
This is the Kylie Jenner we all know
Kylie Jenner
Photo: Instagram

Kylie Jenner Valentines Day Cosmetics Collection

And this is how she was clicked last weekend, getting on her car with a bunch of chips:

Kylie Jenner No Makeup
Kylie Jenner no-makeup look
Kylie Jenner No Makeup 2
Kylie Jenner was spotted in a tight suit, real hair and bare feet

The photo of Kylie Jenner no makeup emerged to be the hottest thing you could find on the internet today. While some comments slammed the young celeb for breaking her quarantine, most people left comments on how shocked they were seeing a makeup-free and wig-free Kylie. Check out some of the most significant comments:

'This is a good lesson for those of us who struggle with our own looks - it’s easy to look at a ‘finished’ picture like the one on the right of Kylie Jenner and think ‘I can never have looks like that’ but without teams of stylists you get Kylie Jenner on the left. A normal person!'

“Makeup consists of polyjuice potion...there’s no way both of these are Kylie Jenner...,”

The sexy and sassy Kylie turns out to be just a cute ordinary girl with a white tracksuit, bare feet, messy bun, and no makeup. No sexy bodycon, no full lips, or extended lashes! This is the most real and relatable look of Kylie Jenner you could ever see. Do you still think that she was born with eyeliner, full lips, and contour?


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