Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner Reunited In Taylor's Birthday Party

Priyansh Ha |Feb 13, 2019

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart have been good friends since The Twilight Saga. They two have got a reunion lately in Taylor's birthday. Check out their latest pic!

Seeing Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart together is just like getting back to 2008, where The Twilight Saga became a phenomenon among teens. After all those years, they are still good friends. In facts, the two actors have got united in a private party last Monday, January 11th.

It was Taylor’s birthday where Jacob Black and Bella Swan meet each other again. Tay Dome, Taylor’s girlfriend, has thrown a party to celebrate his 27th birthday and of course, Kristen was invited. Coming along with her is her girlfriend, Sara Dinkin.

Both Of Them Are Super Seductive

Among pics and videos spilt over the social media that night, the most exciting pic is the one of Taylor, Kristen and CJ Romero hugging each other. Kristen’s stylist aka her best friend CJ Romero has shared the photo with the caption:

Screenshot 43

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They went far from Bella and Jacob we knew from The Twilight Saga. Both of them look more matured and sexy. While Kristen wore a white shirt paired with jeans, Taylor was in an all-black outfit and a cap which was also black. 

Taylor Thanks His Girlfriend For Throwing The Party 

Meanwhile, Taylor shared a photo of him and his girlfriend Tay Dome hugging each other. The actor appreciates what she has done as it was his best birthday ever. "Thank you @taydome for the best birthday EVER. I’ve never been more surprised in my life. ❤️?❤️"

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Earlier on November 21 2018, Taylor Lautner has marked a stone as 10 years after the first instalment of The Twilight Saga release. Sharing a funny member of him and Kendall Jenner, the handsome werewolf has sent thanks to the fan for supporting him over the first decade of his career.  

Screenshot 42

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