Kiddies To Beauties: How Hollywood Beautiful Stars Looked In Their Childhoods

Kimmy Karima |Sep 27, 2019

Hollywood stars always impress us with their perfect looks, but have you ever wondered how they looked when they were small? Let’s take a look at their childhood photos to find the answers.

Hollywood beautiful stars know how to maintain their self-images as every time they appear, they dazzle us with their glamorous looks. But did they shine before all those professional makeup, stunning outfits and before the age of professional photo-editing software?

Were they cute and good-looking kids too? In quest of the answers, we’ve collected here the rare childhood photos of some of the most attractive stars.

Have a good time comparing to see if they’ve grown up to be even more beautiful or not.

Gal Gadot

Hollywood beautiful stars

Our Wonder Woman always looks so composed, so self-confident, so wonderful that we can’t take our eyes off her. And it seems that she’s been that sure of herself since many years ago.

As a kid, she looked so bright and optimistic. And so pretty, of course. No doubt why she has crowned Miss Israel and then became a model and an actress. Gal Gadot is really in a class of her own.

Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood beautiful stars

ScarJo is one of the hottest actresses you’ve ever seen in Hollywood movies. She’s smart, alluring and sexy. She has her own charm that not many can resist.

But looking back, she used to be a cute girl who actually looked a bit shy. She was really a looker with those big eyes and full lips in her childhood photo, but at that time, she had that pure innocence which was quite far from the attractiveness she has now.

Sophie Turner

Hollywood beautiful stars

The British rose made her debut in the TV series Games of Thrones when she was a teen, so most of us know how she looked then. In Sophie’s childhood picture, you could see that she was so adorable and her facial features were perfect.

Unsurprisingly, she has turned into such a beauty now and in fact, to some extent, Sophie resembles Natalie Portman, who she once said was her inspiration.

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner

Jenner Sisters
Hollywood beautiful stars

The Jenner sisters looked so sweet in many childhood photos they’ve shared. The two girls seemed so close then as they are now.

And even when they were small, Kendall and Kylie looked very buoyant and self-assured in most pictures, like they believed in their bright futures ahead. Though they look a bit different now, their beautiful dark, thick hair remains the same.

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid

Hollywood beautiful stars

The Hadid sisters are among the most well-known models at the present time. They’re both charming and have perfect bodies. Now look at their childhood pictures, do you think they were cute kids? Yes, of course, but a bit chubby, right?

How could one know they would grow up to be such slender models with bodies that every girl wishes for? Especially Bella, she had such a round face as a kid, and now she has remarkable facial features that are ideal for a model. Never judge too quickly, you see.

Miranda Kerr

Hollywood Beautiful Stars

Did Miranda know already that she would become one of the most famous models in the world when she grew up? Maybe she did because she had that confident look in her eyes since she was that small. In fact, Miranda’s face hasn’t changed much.

In the old photos, she already had those beautiful eyes and a lovely smile. She doesn’t seem to age at all. No wonder why for many people, Miranda is the Victoria’s Secret Angel forever.

Anne Hathaway

Hollywood Beautiful Stars

Anne Hathaway is among the best of the best in Hollywood. She’s as pretty as a picture and is a brilliant actress. That’s why you may burst into laughter when seeing her photo as a kid. Anne looked funny then, like a mischievous little girl who was ready to make trouble.

Anyway, she still looked very cute and clever. One thing for sure: Anne has aged well because she has a much, much more ravishing beauty now.


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