The Kid Who Would Be King movie trailer: Funny Twist on Classic Story

Nagini Shree |Oct 18, 2018

Filmmaker Joe Cornish has finally made a comeback on the big screen with his long-awaited follow-up.

The first trailer of the adaptation The Kid Would Be A King has released on Wednesday. The film is helmed by the director Joe Cornish whose Attack the Block – a sci-fi comedy remains as a cult movie. His upcoming fantasy film based on the legend of King Arthur is expected to be a box office hit.

Still from The Kid Who Would Be King. YouTube screengrab
Joe Cornish The Kid Who Would Be King

The film centers on a boy named Alex – a down-to-luck school student who’s frequently bullied by other students. His ordinary life changes for good when he stumbles upon the Sword in the Stone - Excalibur by chance and becomes the new successor of this sacred sword. He has to ally with his friends and the legendary wizard Merlin to defeat the evil witch Morgana (Mission Impossible's Rebecca Ferguson) who’s summoned an army of dark creatures to take over the world and wreak havoc.

The trailer is a friendly-kid version mixing Harry Potter-style kid magic and King Arthur movie. It’s full of funny jokes and fantasy action involving big battle scenes, dragons and moving trees in the first scenes. The trailer illustrates both the lighthearted narrative of a children's adventure as well as the iconic yet dangerous Arthurian plot points.

The newly-released trailer stars Louis Ashbourne Serkis whose father is one of Hollywood's best-known actors. He has already made the scene in some programs such as Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016), SS-GB (2017) and Taboo (2017).

The film stars Patrick Stewart ( Star Trek and X-Men fame) as Merlin. The supporting cast also features Tom Taylor, Rhianna Dorris, Skye Sammarchi, Dean Chaumoo and Denise Gough.

The Kid Who Would Be King opens in theaters on March 1st, 2019.


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