Kate Beckinsale says she's done with the Underworld series

Author |Sep 13, 2018

Actress Kate Beckinsale's done with 'Underworld' film series. She also added that Gal Gadot, who eventually landed the role, did a "wonderful" job.

Kate Beckinsale has abolished a recovery of the vampire movie authority "Underworld". In an recent interview with Variety, the actress said that she's finished potraying vampire Selene, since that's a role she has tried in 5 films up to now.

Beckinsale said that: "I wouldn't come back. I have done so many of those". The 45-year-old actress also admited that she was hooked up to the project of "Wonder Woman" as it's in early periods of development.

719913 Kate Beckinsale

She also added that Gal Gadot, who finally landed the character, did a amazing job. Kate Beckinsale said: "Yes, there's a period of moment. It's a long time ago since Joel Silver was included. But it was solved amazingly. That was an amazing movie that Gadot did".

The actress has no anguish about not taking into playing the superhero role as the script which was offered to her. It's because the script was not good. She explained: "No, it'd have been a horrible film based on the writing that I'd read".


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