Johnny Depp Accuses Amber Heard Of Having An Affair With Tesla Founder Elon Musk During Their Marriage

Nagini Shree |Mar 04, 2019

Johnny Depp has accused ex-wife Amber Heard of beginning a romantic relationship with Tesla founder Elon Musk "no later than one month after" the two wed in 2015.

The claims come from the 55-year-old’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard (Aquaman), in which he is seeking $50 million in damages after his ex-wife wrote a Washington Post op-ed depicting herself as a domestic abuse victim. He denied her allegations, which she had made while filing for divorce in May 2016 to end their 15-month marriage, calling it "false" and “an elaborate hoax.”

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp. Source: Journal Post.

In the lawsuit, the 55-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star allegedly claims the Aquaman star paid “late night” visits from Elon Musk at the couple's penthouse in LA while he was abroad.

The lawsuit stated:

Screenshot 71

The document added.

Screenshot 72

Amber Heard E 1024
Amber Heard and Elon Musk. Source: People

Reacting to Depp's lawsuit, Elon Musk's spokesman said:

Screenshot 74

Meanwhile, Heard's lawyer claimed:

Screenshot 73

Depp and Heard met on the set of 2011’s The Rum Diary, got married in February 2015 but split in May 2016, with Heard and Musk starting their relationship in the same year. The two first broke up in August 2017 due to their busy schedules but rekindled their romance in January 2018 only to split for a second time a month later.


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