Jamie Foxx States That He Is "Single", Did He Break Up With Rumored Girlfriend Katie Holmes?

Bindhiya Nhi |Feb 27, 2019

Jamie Foxx says he is single. People wonder if he really means it as he had been rumored to be in a secret relationship with Katie Holmes for six years.


Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes had always been rumoured to be in a secret relationship for six years. However, sad news broke out today stating that the couple may have already broken up. Moreover, what Foxx said at this specific event could even let the fans of the couple down.

Based on a source, Jamie Foxx made his appearance at Byron Allen's annual Oscars party. At there, Foxx was reported to tell the guests he is currently "single", even though he has been said to be Katie Holmes' boyfriend since 2013. His comment surely gives no hope for people who still wish for a happy ending of the famous couple.

Instead of being with Katie for the Oscars celebration, Foxx was seen to enjoy the party with Jessica Szohr. News said that right before his performance at the Beverly Hilton, Foxx suddenly announced his relationship status.

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After a sudden confession, the actor was said to be dancing around comfortably with many women.


Nevertheless, UsWeekly had added some details to what Jamie Foxx had said. It seemed like the actor did not want to make a fuss and it was just a random statement.

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If the couple did decide to go separate ways, then the breakup thing must have had happened recently. In December 2018, the rumoured lovers went out together for a walk in New Orleans. Both of them looked extremely happy which proved that they were still a thing at that time.


And let's not forget that romantic yacht ride of the lovebirds on New Year's Eve. At that day in Miami, Foxx and Holmes were spotted to be on a luxury yacht together. If those steamy PDA on such a gorgeous boat could not save their love story, then maybe nothing can. Up till now, there has been nothing confirmed about their relationship status, yet we should not expect too much as things seem to go awry.


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