How Are Taylor Swift's Ex Boyfriends Doing Now? From Harry Styles To Calvin Harris

Aesha |Dec 16, 2019

How is the "long list of ex-lovers" of Taylor Swift doing now? Let's take a look at their life and career to see how they have changed.

As a singer who owns a myriad of world-famous love songs, Taylor Swift has countlessly mentioned her love affairs in her songs. With a long history of romance, Taylor also got into hot water because of her past relationship even though there were some that did not last long, only about one year, even two to three months.

Taylor Swift

Well, after all these years, while their names have somehow always stuck with the label of “Taylor Swift’s exes”, how are they now?

1. Tom Hiddleston

The first name to mention has to be actor Tom Hiddleston - who is considered the most successful on this list. Now, Tom has gained a certain reputation after pulling the part as Loki, brother of Thor, in the famous Marvel series from 2011 to the present.


His role as Loki became one of the most beloved villains on screen. It has gained attention and adoration to the point that Marvel has made a separate series for Loki in order to satisfy the wishes of the audience.



As reported by Metro journal in September this year, Tom is dating his British co-star Zawe Ashton. They met in their mutual project Betrayal and have been dating for six months.

2. Joe Jonas

Once a singer in a famous Disney band, many people thought that Joe Jonas would develop a singing career, but most of his activities are related to television and acting. In 2016, Joe started dating Sophie Tuner - the Games of Thrones star.

Joe Jonas is the first among Taylor Swift's exes to get married.

The couple got married in May this year after more than 2 years of dating. Maybe between a topmost career and a small, happy family, his priority goes to the latter.

3. Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The handsome singer Harry Styles also used to be in a relationship with Taylor Swift. Five years younger than the female singer, he only dated her for about a month but they kept on making headlines for a long while.

His new album is out, with very exotic images.



After One Direction disbanded until now, Harry Styles spent his time focusing on his solo career and personal development. After the promotion of his ex-lover in the second half of this year, he has also made a comeback with a brand new album. Let's wait and see the confrontation of this couple on music boards.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake Gyllenhaal is nine years older than the Wildest Dream singer and this proves her “luck” in love as she is appealing to boys of different ages.

Starting acting from the age of 10, this year, he has succeeded with many acclaimed movies of which the latest is the highest-grossing work of his career. Jake played the antagonist Mysterio, aka Quentin Beck, in the hit film Spider-Man: Far From Home.



From Loki to Mysterio, Taylor indeed had some kind of fate with Marvel's villains.

5. Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Talking about Calvin Harris, the audience will be immediately reminded of the catchy EDM rhythms in his tracks like How Deep Is Your Love, Summer, One Kiss and This Is What You Came  For featuring Rihanna.



Calvin has numerously got into the list of highest-earning DJs who have an extremely successful producer career. He has also been collaborating with famous names like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Big Sean, Dua Lipa and more.

Not only possessing an attractive masculine face and figure, but he also has a remarkable height of 1.97m, making a lot of girls fascinated. Calvin is also one of Taylor's longest romance - 15 months.

6. Taylor Lautner


The relationship of the Taylors only lasted a few months. Being known to the audience through the role of the shape-shifter – werewolf Jacob in the cult series Twilight, he had a great phase of career but then did not get very lucky.

Since the major role, he has taken part in a few more movies but did not achieve good results. Above all, Taylor Lautner has recently grabbed attention when he gained weight unexpectedly. It can be said that except for when dating with the Lover singer, the actor's career is quite lackluster and has no highlight.

Currently, Taylor has regained his fit physique and looks more mature. In addition to the appearance, he also attracted the public's eyes with his romance with another girlfriend named Taylor (in detail, Taylor Dome). The two have been dating since August last year after being introduced by his sister, Makena Lautner.

7. Lucas Till

Lucas Till

How is the shining armor in You Belong With Me now? Lucas Till is the only ex-boyfriend to appear in Taylor Swift’s music videos. In spite of his partaking in such a big hit, everything about Lucas that stays in the audience’s mind from then till now is not a great deal.



He has been a part of several films such as The Spy Next Door, Hannah Montana: The Movie, Monster Trucks among others. His only bright spot, the Havok role in the movie X-Men: First Class, was either not too impressive.

8. John Mayer


The last name on this list is also the rare name that appears on the snake queen’s song titled - Dear John. John Mayer is a singer who can sing a variety of music types: country music, folk music, rock, pop ... but maybe because of his wide spreadability, John did not record many imprints in the audience’s hearts.

John is also known as a part of the reason for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s conflict in the past. The casanova is now 42 years old but is still not married.



However her ex-lovers are living right now, Taylor Swift is currently very happy with Joe Alwyn. Besides her new songs, what fans are looking forward to the most right now is the good news of this couple. Whether Joe will become a partner with her or join the "squad” of Taylor's ex-boyfriends, the audience is eager to know the answer.


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