Hollywood’s Celebrity Kids: Brooklyn Beckham Makes His Name In The List, Will Smith’s Kid Outstands Others

Laavanya Hien |Jun 04, 2019

Celebrity kids who were born with all the greatest things from their parents, receive the most favorable conditions to growth comprehensively.

When it comes to Hollywood's most famous stars, we often think immediately of their talent, reputation, wealthy fortune, and gorgeous appearance. It goes without saying that their kids will soon to catch the attention of paparazzi whenever they appear on the street or public places. And, obviously, celebrity kids who were born with all the greatest things from their parents, receive the most favorable conditions to growth comprehensively.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger is the son of famous actor-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. Moreover, Patrick is also a member of the powerful Kennedy family as the grandson of John F. Kennedy, who is the United States's 35 President.

Currently, the young lad becomes a talented model and actor. He is also known for being Miley Cyrus's boyfriend for a very short of time, and they ended their relationship after only five months of dating.

As a member of a noble family, it is easy to understand that Patrick inherits standardized handsome and elegant look. Besides, his admirable height of 1.85m is also a strong appeal. Therefore, Patrick is always at the top position in the list of Hollywood most handsome guys.

Patrick Schwarzenegger
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Gabriel Day-Lewis (son of Daniel Day-Lewis)

Gabriel Day-Lewis is the son of the three-time Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis and French actress Isabelle Adjani. However, the young lad decided not to follow his father's career and pursued his passion for music. Currently, he is a promising American musician and singer with several hits.

Besides singing, Gabriel also has a left-hand job as an amateur model.  On account of his handsome and chic fashion sense, Gabriel has melted a lot of girls' heart.

Gabriel Day-Lewis
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Brooklyn Beckham (David Beckham and Victoria Beckham's eldest son)

Brooklyn Beckham is one of the most well-known star kids who was born in a famous family. Without a doubt, Brooklyn has been a familiar name as being the eldest son of powerful couple David - Victoria Beckham.

There is an interesting fact about Brooklyn that he has tried playing football, but he found it unsuitable to pursuit it as his career. At present, he is a freelance photographer and model.

Brooklyn Beckham
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Although the achievements in his career are not outstanding enough to be as famous as other star kids, Brooklyn Beckham's love stories are remarkable when the list of his girlfriends has reached more than a dozen people at the age of 20. Currently, Brooklyn is dating young model Hana Cross, but the two also often quarrel, even in public places.

Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwood's son)

Born in 1986, Scott Eastwood is much-known for being the son of famous actor-director-producer Clint Eastwood. Besides having good acting skills, Scott also excels at modeling. Notably, he even gains ever-increasing popularity when starring in Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams as the male lead.

Scott Eastwood
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Like father Clint Eastwood, Scott attracts all the attention for his elegant beauty and a desirable height of 1.8m. The 33-year-old male model's excellent appearance has always been praised by not only fans but also the press.

Presley Gerber (son of the former supermodel Cindy Crawford)

Presley Gerber is the son of the international fashion industry's most powerful supermodel, Cindy Crawford. Following in his mother's career footsteps, the 20-year-old boy signed a contract with the world's leading modeling agency IMG in New York City and soon to become a talented model who had a chance to walk down many huge catwalks.

Especially, he is considered as a "perfect copy" of Cindy Crawford when inheriting good traits of personality and chic beauty from his veteran supermodel mom.

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Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith)

Among three children of superstar Will Smith, Jaden Smith is the most famous one who was popular at a very young age. Thanks to a good background from his world-known father, he got an opportunity to appear in several successful Hollywood movies. Moreover, he also proves his ability in other areas, especially music.

Jaden Smith is also a globally recognized singer-rapper. Despite his talent, Jaden Smith's appearance is not appreciated. His poor appearance made the public totally surprised. The metal-covered teeth make him look even more grotesque than ever.

Jaden Smith
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