Hollywood Next Generation: 6 Most Handsome And Talented Actors

Salena Harshini |Mar 13, 2020

From "Call Me By Your Name" to "Sex Education" star, these 6 guys are considered Hollywood next generation as they have them all: charm and talent.

Hollywood has this pool of talented and handsome actors who can make the ladies unable to stop gushing. Besides the A-list beaus, a lot of Hollywood next generation actors are about to steal more hearts in time to come.


These 6 actors with surreal charm have actually started acting from a young age and they made eyes wide open with their glow-up. Fans surely are unable to sit still with these out-of-the-world charming guys.

1. Timothée Chalamet

Just reached his 24 not long ago but Timothée Chalamet has been claimed as one of the top young artists of Tinseltown.

Timmy Hollywood next generation
Talking about Hollywood next generation, Timothée Chalamet is a pivotal personality

Began his acting career long long ago, he has partaken in a lot of famous films such as Interstellar, Lady Bird, The King, and Oscar-acclaimed Little Women. However, the work that actually shot his name to fame was Call Me By Your Name which also marked the first time he got nominated for Academy Awards.

Tim1 Hollywood next generation
The actor is young yet has made a huge impression with his acting and Greek God beauty

At the age of 22, Timmy Tim is the youngest nominee for Best Actor in nearly 80 years.

What a time to be alive

Timothée attracts fans with his vintage and gorgeous class that gives the vibe of a royal prince from the past century. Although having a slim body, but his surreal facial curves and dreamy eyes can beat any other guy with a muscular bod.

Cmbyn 1
"Call Me By Your Name" is his breakthrough movie, boosting his name to glory

Be it a cutesy or mysterious concept, he can easily make the ladies swoon and forget everything to keep on staring at him! He is even widely called the next Leonardo DiCaprio.

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2. William Franklyn-Miller

William Franklyn-Miller is a British born model and actor born in 2004. When he was only 13 years old, William was dubbed the "most handsome boy in the world" with attractive blue eyes and a flawless bright face.

William Franklyn Miller Hollywood next generation
"Most handsome boy in the world" with his hypnotizing blue eyes

Preparing to turn 16, William continues to make fans drool with the growing beauty which is gentle and sexy at the same time. His acting career is still quite modest with small roles in three television series: Arrow (2012), Jack Irish (2016) and Medici (2016).

Hollywood next generation william miller
After 3 years, the Hollywood next generation star has got more masculine features

Hollywood next generation
He is expected to have more promising chances with the screens

However, William Franklyn-Miller is still very young, and with his vibrant appearance, he will definitely go further in the movie industry.

3. Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi is not a strange name to loyal fans of Netflix and HBO. The 22-year-old beau from Australia is a famous actor most known for his role as Noah Flynn in Netflix's The Kissing Booth and the most recent main role in HBO's Euphoria series.

Jacob Hollywood next generation
Jacob Elordi is now most known with his part in "The Kissing Booth"

Through his parts in movies, Jacob has impressed fans all over the world with his pretty face and breathtakingly chiseled figure.

Not only has an angled face and a standard six-pack body, but Jacob Elordi also owns an impressive height of 190 cm. Thanks to that, he is having a very good start with many famous roles, attracting a huge fan base.

Jacob Elordi Hollywood next generation
Jacob Elordi is named as one in the handsome Hollywood actors list

The recent films Jacob participated in such as The Kissing Booth or Euphoria have received extremely positive responses, guaranteeing his extremely stable acting skills.

For the unversed, he is now dating his Euphoria co-star Zendaya.

4. Asa Butterfield

With those who have watched Netflix’s Sex Education series, surely the role of Otis portrayed by Asa Butterfield has left many mesmerized with his geeky yet adorable look.

Asa Hollywood next generation
You can't deny the magnetism of his eyes

Began his career of acting at the age of 9, Asa has managed to have a monumental collection of movies. But his name only became officially well-known worldwide after his main role in comedy-drama web series Sex Education.

Asa1 Hollywood next generation
Asa Butterfield's acting chops are proved through his vast movie projects

The most surreal feature in Asa Butterfield's appearance is his attractive blue eyes which can make any lady “drown” in. His childhood photos also make fangirls go aww the way because of their excessive adorableness.

Asa Hollywood next generation
Asa when he was younger

It seems that his photogenic face makes Asa very confident in trying out a lot of difficult hairstyles. Although not all of his hair dulls his beauty, Asa should probably hire a more skilled hairstylist to maintain his charm every time he appears in public.

5. Patrick Schwarzenegger

The next face among Hollywood next generation is a great taste for those who like boys with a lean and abs-packed body. Patrick Schwarzenegger is the son of famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Hollywood next generation
Patrick Schwarzenegger is one of the most handsome Hollywood actors

Not yet a familiar name for cine fans, but his appearance is enough to attract a large number of fans. No wonder why he is deemed as one of the most anticipated Hollywood next generation beaus.

Not only owns a flawless face but Patrick also owns a standard body to every millimeter and an ideal height of 180 cm. The expensive appearance helps him shine even with a beard. He has a statuesque beauty that can make fans find it hard to breathe.

Patrick Schwarzenegger 1 Hollywood next generation
Every angle of his is breathtaking

Hopefully, Patrick Schwarzenegger's handsome looks will be seen even more in the future on the screens.

6. Ian Nelson

Once a fever when participating in the Teen Wolf series at the age of 17, Ian Nelson is the case that shocked the fans the most when he grows up. As a boy, Ian fascinated sisters with the beauty of schoolboy who is lovely and a bit mischievous at the same time.

Ian Nelson Hollywood next generation 1
Renowned with his role in "Teen Wolf", he is among the highly sought-after handsome Hollywood actors

But the older he gets, the more spectacularly his look changes spectacularly and fortunately, he just becomes more and more attractive. Now, Ian does not have the innocent features of a young boy anymore but he has a more liberal and more charismatic charm instead.

Growing up, Ian Nelson make the ladies drool as he is becoming more and more irresistibly sexy as days pass by.

Ian Nelson Hollywood next generation
Ian is getting more and more attractive

These Hollywood next generation actors not only have the looks but also have so many potentials with their talent in acting. Hopefully, we can see more of them on the screens with awe-striking film projects.


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