Hollywood Celebrities Who Had Their Nude Photos Leaked Online (Part 2)

Maanyata Thu |Oct 20, 2019

From Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus to Jessica Alba, here is the list of Hollywood celebrities who suffered from nude photo hacks.

Many A-list celebrities have been targeted by hackers who purposely steal their private pictures and leak them for the whole world to see. From Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus to Jessica Alba, here is the list of Hollywood celebrities who had their nude photos leaked online.

Vanessa Hudgens

Image Source: E! News

The High School Musical star faced a nude photo scandal when her private images were stolen and leaked on the internet.


However, this happened again in 2009 and 2011 which prompted Vanessa to pursue legal action against those who published them.


Image Source: bet.com

Riri became the victim of one hacker who leaked her personal photos in 2009. While she admitted that it was “the worst thing” that could ever happen to her, the singer stood up for her decision to click her own nude photos.


Amanda Seyfried

Image Source: US Weekly

Amanda Seyfried had to take legal action after multiple private pictures made their way on the internet. Unfortunately, this happened once again in 2019 but this time the actress was strongly supported by her dedicated fans who criticized the anonymous person for leaking these photos without her permission.

Scarlett Johansson

Image Source: Getty

Avengers star Scarlett Johansson was the victim of a nude photo scandal after topless images of herself leaked on the internet in 2011. The hacker eventually got caught and was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Talking about the incident, the actress told The Independent,


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Pete Wentz

Image Source: Pinterest

In 2016, Pete Wentz found himself at the center of a nude scandal after someone managed to hack into his Sidekick and leaked some of his most intimate photos online.

Blake Likely

Image Source: Yahoo

In 2011, Blake Lively was targeted by hackers who released four naked full-front pictures of one blonde woman. Her reps immediately affirmed that the nude photos were fake and they would sue those who republished these images.

However, this seemingly was not enough to scare the hackers, who had no hesitation to release more pictures of the Gossip Girl actress online.

Hayley Williams

Image Source: aceshowbiz.com

Hayley Williams was at the center of Internet gossip after a photo featuring the actress without her clothes was leaked online.

Kim Kardashian

Image Source: eonline.com

The reality superstar grabbed the eyeballs for her controversial sex tape with ex Ray J, but in fact, that was not the only time her privacy was violated. Kim joined a long list of many other celebs who had their naked photos leaked after a man successfully hacked into hundreds of iCloud accounts in 2014.

Kristen Dunst

Image Source: Getty

She was among celebrity victims of the infamous Fappening nude photo leak in 2014. Kristen later took to her social media handle to slam Apple for lacking proper security.

Tiger Woods

Image Source: CNN

Golf star Tiger Woods and his then-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn’s private and explicit photos were leaked online in 2017. Lindsey even threatened to sue the unidentified person who released these photos.

Rosario Dawson

Image Source: independent.ie

The actress was one of many celebs to have her private and explicit images leaked online during the infamous Fappening nude photo scandal in 2014.

Jessica Alba

Image Source: irishexaminer.com

Jessica Alba fell victim to a hacker who shared her nude photos online in 2010 while she was pregnant with her first child.


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