Here Is Why "Titanic" Stays Flourishing Us Time And Again

Ankita Chetana |Jan 20, 2020

Up to now, it has been 23 years since "Titanic" hit the screen and sync-up with every generation. Scroll down to know the reasons for its eternity over the time.

In the entertainment world, it's not easy for a film to stay immortal in the audiences' hearts. With the daily development of technology and society, there have been more and more dramatic comedies touching the eyes of the audience, which may repel the decade-age films behind. Nonetheless, everything contains an exception, and the 1997 film Titanic is such a kind of it.

Over a couple of decades releasing from the black and white TVs to the modern technological facilities as now, James' Cameron directorial has been an iconic film for any generation. Winning 11 Oscars awards including the category of Best Picture, it drove the acting career of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet forwards.

Beating all the controversial ideologies of its real term versus fiction factor, the masterpiece is welcomed by all the audiences. It seems like no other films can defeat the history of existence Titanic has created. When everything happens for a reason, the film has its own containing to make it decode the power of time like that. Scroll down to know more!

Jack Dawson's iconic dialogue - Make each day count!


It happened when the elite made everyone around laugh at Jack for his background and status. But then our wise man put the elite into the back seat with his own influential words that stay in the audience's mind as a lesson of life. A titular dialogue running over the socioeconomic terms for a minimalism-living standard attracts us the most, doesn't it?

Not stop then, he drafted a note that read "Make it count. Meet me at the clock" to Rose after delivering the ideology of a minimalist was a truly earth-shattering moment to remember.

Raise the mental health subject

Even when at that time, people didn't mind the mental health problem, Cameron brought the screen the initial acknowledgment of that issue. A struggling mind was performed when Rose decided to throw her life away, which left us so much thinking. In the superficial case when her life is standing on the rage of death and life, she was trapped in her thoughts.

Strayed in the worldview of the rich, she realized that money has covered all, even her abusive and critical mother. Nobody rescued her from that situation where she tried to rage on. How the director highlighted the mental health issue in the movie is appreciated throughout the time.

It's your mannerisms define the class, not money

The low class was expressed visibly through the character of Jack Dawson as he didn't have any conception about the origin of his next meal. Furthermore, he lived without any direction ahead as well as a fixed amount of deposits.


But the mannerism builds a man, not his money. We can see in the film, Jack taught Rose the way to spit and otherwise, he performed his respect way of courting a woman. In all senses of this world, his appearance proved a respectable manner better than every other, which defines a man's dignity in modern life.

Show off many shades of love

Love is not only a kind for a couple but Titanic also mentions the other shades if it. It was the time Rose's mother showed the sins of repentance when finding the ship sink together with her daughter. Or how the love was in the air when the old partners including Mr. and Mrs. Strauss embraced each other to death. Love surrounds everyone at the moment a father took his daughter to a boat and promised her to get on the next one.

How mesmerizing it was when ship-maker Thomas Andrews showed his impotent compunction to Rose and gave his life-jacket to her. How it touches our hearts when Magaret Brown who received a lot of dislikes from the other ladies gifted Jack a suit of her late son. Those touching small details underlie in our feelings for the movie as they all were wonderfully beautiful scenes.

Jack and Rose's signature pose


Counting by days, a thousand people have recreated this signature scene of the film. Be it a commoner or a celebrity, we have depicted the pose once or more times in life. What makes it a part of our lives is that happiness lies in such small actions and it spreads to all of us. Following the gland of emotion, the couple's first kiss deserves the highest edge of the onlookers' memories. Every time we mention the film, the best scene to recall is this iconic moment.

Transfer a message of unconditional love, loyalty, and resilience

Each character of the masterpiece achieved the best part of them that we hardly to count for any individual. Needless to comment on the lead roles, we have to rerun the other mainstream of characters. It was so memorable as after disbanding, the quartet of string continued playing instead of trying to save their lives amidst the desperate time of the ship sinking down. At that time, rather than their lives, only loyalty to the ship stayed inside them, which is such a beautiful scene to describe.

Rather than that, Jack's memorable dialogue "You jump, I jump", the scene of the captain leaving his life to fate, or when Murdoch shooting a panic inciter then himself in turns, all of them left us a meaningful message.

Cover the audience's space in every action, party, and background

You may notice the length of the film as all of the details from the background to the actions attracted you thoroughly. It's hard to find a moment making us feel dumping as we are busily dimming in the deep love between Jack and Rose in the first half while for the remaining, we enjoy every bit of the nightmare accessing them. Though time flies, we would never forget the sinking of the Titanic.

The OST of the film

My Heart Will Go On is a melody ringing in our minds wherever we talk about the film. Celine Dion's soulful track has been covered by numerous people to date as the song is still immortal and fresh in everyone's hearts.

If Rose had scooched over, Jack would have lived his life

Years over years, people still debated on Jack's life could have been saved if Rose made room for him on the wooden raft. We all can see that the boat could distribute the weight more but Rose tore the scene up for not giving her lovebird a space to make effort at least. Even actress Kate Winslet also doubted Jack's death when she shared on the show Jimmy Kimmel.


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