Falling Prey To Cybercrime, Bella Thorne Shared Nude Photos After Being Threatened By A Hacker

Laavanya Hien |Jun 19, 2019

Recently, actress Bella Thorne has been a victim of the alleging hacker who intentionally leaked her personal photos on the internet.

The year 2014 had witnessed a notorious cybercrime wherein iCloud of some Hollywood actresses was unauthorizedly accessed by a hacker. As soon as those accounts were hacked, their private photos had surfaced online.

A number of Hollywood celebrities such as Kate Upton, Aubrey Plaza, and Jennifer Lawrence have also suffered from this kind of online hacking. Although cybercrime became the center of public attention, it doesn’t stop threatening other stars.

Bella Thorne
Photo: hollywoodreporter.com

And recently, actress Bella Thorne has been a victim of the alleging hacker who intentionally leaked her personal photos. To be more particular, several uncharacteristic tweets, accompanied by racist language appeared on the account. The profile photo was no longer Bella Thorne, instead, it was already changed to one man.

Bella Thorne
Photo: microbladingla.com

Nonetheless, the Midnight Sun actor quickly responded to the incident. Rather than give in to his threat and demand, she shut him down by sharing photos on her Twitter handle and said that he couldn’t control her. On sharing her post, she also wrote that the hacker sent nude pictures to her with a view to threatening her.

Since the account was illegally hacked, she felt watched and gross. Additionally, he even sent her myriad nude pictures of other famous persons. Obviously, he will not stop with her or other celebrities and he’ll just keep moving forward.

Alongside the post, Bella also added a caption that read, “Fuck u and the power u think you have over me. I’m gonna write about this in my next book”.

After the incident, Bella Thorne disclosed that she decided to let the hacker go though she got extremely hurt and angry. The reason was that she believed the hacker who made an attempt to hack her was just a juvenile. Hence, she tried to understand him as he may be making his poor choice.

On Sunday, the actress told The Hollywood Reporter that this kid might be just 17 years old. She doesn’t want the whole life of some juvenile to be completely ruined just because he was not able to consider things carefully.


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