An Unearthed Video Of Katherine Schwarzenegger Picking Chris Evans Over Chris Pratt Proves She Has A Crystal Ball

Nagini Shree |Feb 01, 2019

It seems like Katherine Schwarzenegger has a crystal ball that looks into her future.

Celebrities always throw us for a loop when it comes to shock engagements or wedding news. Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger' engagement rumour absolutely put social media into a frenzy.  The "Jurassic World" star announced the news on Instagram with a sweet post featuring a photo of him sharing a kiss with Schwarzenneger, who is sporting a brand new ring on her left hand.

However, a throwback video of Katherine Schwarzenegger recorded one year ago showed you a surprising answer if you had asked her to whom she wanted to get married in triple 'hot Chris': she picked Chris Evans over Chris Pratt, her now-fiancé.

Back in 2017, Katherine Schwarzenegger had an interview with Access Hollywood where she was asked to choose which Hollywood Chris she preferred - 'Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans?' asked the host to the 29-year-old daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger. 'Chris Evans,' Katherine replied without skipping a beat. 'Actually, Chris Pratt. Chris Pratt has been looking good lately so you never know,' she changed her mind and laughed.

She's right. Little did she know that Chris Pratt would pop a question to her just a few years later.

The Avengers star's eyes opened wide as his girlfriend inadvertently predicted their relationship. He laughed:

Before asking the interviewers if “you guys just made that?” He was moved by the clip, “That’s so sweet. I literally have never seen that before so thank you for showing me that.”

The throwback video was resurfaced after Chris took to Instagram to announce the happy news. The couple is rumoured to have started dating last summer but finally confirmed publically their relationship in December when Pratt posted a sweet Instagram tribute to mark his girlfriend’s 29th birthday.

The engagement comes almost a year-and-a-half after his separation from ex-wife Faris in August 2017 after eight years of marriage.


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