Everything To Know About Emma Stone's Boyfriend Dave McCary

Maanyata Thu |Jan 24, 2019

Emma Stone started dating SNL writer-director Dave McCary in October 2017. Here is something to know about her boyfriend, Dave McCary.

Dave Mccary
Dave McCary.

Emma Stone took part in the list of celebrities and actors involving Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson and Ariana Grande - who have currently been in a relationship with an SNL’s member when the Oscar-winning actress started dating SNL writer-director Dave McCary in October 2017. Emma has been trying to keep her romance on the down low even more so after the actress ended her 4-year relationship with Andrew Garfield in 2015. Here is something to know about Emma Stone’s boyfriend, Dave McCary.

The couple first met when Emma Stone hosted SNL

Emma Stone

Emma and Dave became official in October 2017. At that time, a source said they had been dating for about 3 months before that. The two first met when Emma hosted SNL in December 2016, which means Emma and Dave knew about each other for a couple of months before getting together. Vulture reported that Emma Stone also starred in “Wells for Boys”, which was helmed by Dave McCary.

Dave McCary is a filmmaker and comedian

Dave made his directional debut in 2017 with Brigsby Bear that starred Kyle Mooney and Mark Hammil. He is also the co-founder of Good Neighbor, a sketch comedy group.

They have never shared anything on social networking sites

The couple remains one of Hollywood's most private couples when they refuse to share anything about their personal lives on social networking sites, which just makes people more curious about them.

They have rarely been seen together


Emma Stone has not spoken about her relationship, and we do not have any photos of Dave McCary and Emma Stone walking at the red carpet together. It was reported that while Dave did not make an appearance on the 2019 Golden Globe Awards red carpet with his girlfriend, he joined her for the post party. Emma Stone also showed her support for Dave McCary when she attended the premiere of his feature directorial debut Brigsby Bear, and as usual, there weren’t any photos of them.

But Dave met Emma’s friends

At Golden Globes’ after party, a sourced said that Dave McCary and Emma Stone joined Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiss at a table. The source said, “Dave and Emma were super touchy-feely and affectionate which seemed to make Taylor more comfortable doing the same with Joe. It seemed like a very fun and light-hearted date night."

They are "attached at the hip"

Emma Stone threw a “roller-skating holiday party” with Haim at World on Wheels in 12th December, and the couple spent quality time together. “After, they faced the stage with Emma’s back pressed against him, and his arms were wrapped around her”, an eyewitness told Us Weekly, "She whispered in his ear and rubbed his back. They looked super close."

They went to a basketball match together


The private couple stepped out for a rare public date in Los Angeles to watch the LA Clippers play the Golden State Warriors in January 2019.


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